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6DL River Experts

This week in our topic lessons we revisited the slideshows we made as ‘Rivers Experts’. We viewed each of the shows made by our friends and considered what we liked and learned. We also thought about how each slideshow could be made even better. Some of our slideshows can be seen below. We hope you […]

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6TO Bread Mould Experiment

Having made our bread last week 6TO decided to explore how different types of bread mould. We added lots of preservatives such as Dutch Mill Milk and shampoo. We will look each day to see if there are any changes.  

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Meet our Year 6 Blog Squadders

We are the Blog Squadders for Term 1 in Year 6. Each week we meet together to plan, prepare a post for our Year 6 Blog. We hope you enjoy our blog entries.  

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Drip’s Journey by 6PA

In Topic this week, we learnt about the water cycle and showed our understanding in a video. Our video is about a water drop called ‘Drip’ who is taking a journey through the water cycle. Here is one of our videos.  

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6TO Literacy Study – The Rabbits

This week in literacy 6TO looked at the front cover of ‘The Rabbits’ by John Marsden and Shaun Tan. Here are some pictures of us discussing and predicting what the book could possibly be about.  We are looking forward to finding out whether our predictions were right when we read the book next week.

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6JB and 6SK Bake Bread

In 6SK, Mrs King took the students to the Food Technology zone to make bread.This bread making activity is part of our science learning. Recently,we learn about yeast. The most important use of yeast is making dough rise, so it is often used in bakery.We took some photos of our bread making.    Here are […]

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6DL Bread Mould Experiment

In Science, we have been learning about mould and how it grows on bread. We looked on our breads found out the differences between homemade bread and the shop bread. We kept one piece of each as a control, and then added water to one piece of bread. To explore preservatives we chose two different […]

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6PA Maths Grid Puzzle

In Maths this week, some of the year 6 classes were challenged by their teacher to complete this grid puzzle. We needed to place the headings and the numbers so that they matched the two headings. Can you solve it by filling the whole grid? Download the pdf – print it out and try for […]

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6JB Newspaper Reports

Last week 6JB wrote some newspaper reports about the Bangkok Floods of 2011. Here you can see a pic collage of us working on our reports.

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Digital Leaders 2018/19

Today, in our Year 6 Assembly, Mr. Knight – our Leader of Digital Literacy – shared with us another new opportunity for Year 6 students. He explained about the ‘Digital Leaders’ and inspired lots of us to think about how we can develop our skills and support others. This is open to all Year 6 […]

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