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Swim Carnival

      The Swim Gala this year has taken on a new form as designed by Ms.Gill and the Swimming coaches. For Year 6, the 2018 Swim Carnival will take place on Monday 8th October during lesson 1 and 2. Students must bring their swimming kits to school as well as a water bottle […]

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6TO Yeast Experiment

You probably saw 6JB ‘s yeast experiment  ( LINK ) 6TO have also completed this experiment. Here are some pictures and a video of our yeast experiment————>

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6SK Life Jackets – Keeping Safe on the River

In  6SK, we completed some topic homework where we thought about how life jackets are important. Here is a pic collage from Ben. He is a great student who really puts details into all of his home and in classwork!

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6TO Band Class

In band class, we have been learning to play some band instruments and learnt different notes throughout class. Here you can see a poster of some of the instruments we are learning.

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6DL Literacy Circle

In 6DL, as part of Literacy Circle, the groups that have finished their books did a literacy circle. A literacy circle is when you discuss the book in detail. We compared what we liked about a book – considering favourite moments and favourite characters as well as other things.  Books we have enjoyed have included […]

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6SK Study our ‘Weird and Wonderful World’

In Science 6SK were interested to learn and research strange life forms I have decided to find out about a coral that is coloured violet. In topic we all studied “ What I already know about rivers”.  I have chosen one of the best slides in 6SK to share with you which is by Pam. In her […]

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6PA Watercolour Washes

Recently, 6PA have been learning some amazing and useful brush techniques with watercolours. They have also designed many beautiful pieces of artwork using some of these fascinating techniques.

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6TO Rivers – The Water Cycle

As you know, this term 6TO have been learning about rivers. In topic lessons we have been drawing labelled diagram s of ‘how river form’. we learned new words about the  water cycle such as condensation, precipitation, evaporation and transpiration. Here are some pictures of our work. IMG_9027.TRIM

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6JB Yeast Experiment

This week 6JB had a lot of fun with their science experiment about yeast. In this experiment we tried to find the case where yeast grows the most. Through our experiment we found that yeast reacts most strongly when we add sugar and warm water.

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6DL Bake Bread

Today 6DL baked bread in the kitchen. We used flour, warm water, yeast, sugar, salt and olive oil. We tried one without yeast so we could see what would happen. Our bread tasted marvellous – even the one where too much salt and sugar had been put into the mix! Whilst the bread was cooking […]

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