Using the app – ‘Pages’ and ‘Who Discovered America?’- 6SK

This week 6SK tried a new app called pages. We typed up one of our pieces of writing, added photos and printed them out. Here you can see some of our results.

Copy of Nisha

In Topic lessons, we learned about ‘who discovered America first’.

 Most people have a exactly answer for it – Columbus. But some archaeologists think Erikson was there  first. Then over the last few years, as a consequence of analysis of DNA another  more amazing theory -maybe the Polynesians got there first.

No one could answer this question. So, what’s is the evidence? Here you can see some of our conclusions.




Author Visit – Oliver Phommavanh 6PA and 6TO

This week a special Thai author visited the school. His name is Oliver Phommavanh! He talked to us about his books and early life!

Here you can see some photos of Oliver’s visit.


Who Discovered America – 6JB

This week in our Topic lessons we learned about America being explored – we looked at different theories as to who discovered America.

Here is a video which shows our thoughts.


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Loy Krathong – 6SK and 6TO

A Thai tradition— Loy Krathong. All of years 6 dressed up in their Thai clothes and put their Krathongs into the river, presenting a beautiful view. The Loy Krathong tradition is to thank the God of River(พระแม่คงคา).

This is how you make a krathong:



  • Firstly you need to cut the banana leaves.
  • Secondly you pin it on your base of the krathong.
  • Thirdly fold the banana leaves and pin them on(if you want it to be more beautiful, you should fold it three times in different size).
  • Fourthly put them around the base.
  • Fifthly put your lovely flowers in and don’t forget to put the incense stick and candles in properly.
  • That’s it!


Here are some pictures of krathongs we made.


Year 6 Christmas Parties

Dear Parents,

I’m delighted to share with you the date for our Year 6 class Christmas parties. We will be celebrating in lesson 5 and 6 on Thursday 13th December. Class teachers will share with students sign-up sheets via GoogleDrive to decide what they would like to contribute.


Please can we be mindful of plastic and food waste when bringing in our contributions.

Parents are free to join the parties from 2pm.

Many thanks,

Mr. J. Bilinkewycz


Loy Krathong – 6DL

Today we have been celebrating Loy Krathong. We made krathongs from banana tree trunks, banana leaves, toothpicks and flowers. We made a ‘krathong tree’ as a bit fun – you can see it below. In the evening once we are back home some of us will float the krathongs on the river.

Happy Loy Krathong everyone.


Jeremy Banning Visits – 6JB

This week we had World War 1 historian Jeremy Banning visit our school. It was amazing. He talked about his grandfather who was gassed in the war and about Kanchanaburi and the death railway. 6JB enjoyed his visit so much and here are some photos of him.

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Diwali – Rangoli Patterns – 6DL and 6JB

For Diwali we made Rangoli patterns with clay on a plain piece of cardboard. We started by drawing a design on the cardboard.Then we filled in with different colours of clay to make it look interesting and colorful we also learned a lot about Diwali and Hinduism.


Here are some pictures of us working and a video for you to enjoy.


Loy Krathong

Dear Parents,

On Thursday 22nd November, all YouTime activities are cancelled due to Loy Krathong celebrations in the nearby area and the resulting traffic this may cause. Supervision will not be taking place on this day also so all students will need to be collected at 2:20pm from their class teachers.

If you are unable to arrive by 2:30, students will be taken directly to reception where they will await collection.

Many thanks for your understanding and continued support.

Wishing you a reflective Loy Krathong.

Mr. J. Bilinkewycz and the Year 6 Team

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Gustav Klimt and Imagination – 6SK

In today’s art lesson, we learned about the famous artist — Gustav Klimt. He created many fantastic paintings in the ‘Golden period’ of his life. In this period the gold colour in his paintings was all made from real gold. This was the point of our lesson. Here are some good examples of work by our class.

We have been learning about imagination in our topic lessons and made  pic collages. Our most amazing pic collage was by Kiyan! He did his best to try and make everyone understand what  imagination is. Take a look below for a picture of his work.


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