Explorer Day – 6SK

In Years 6 we have started learning about Explorers.On Tuesday we had an Explorers Day,the amazing teachers set a variety of activities for us: Tent Building, Map Making, QR Code hunt and QR Code presentation. This was the best day ever and we didn’t need to wear school uniform either. Below my report you can see an example map we made. The Map Making activity encouraged us to use our imagination and creativity. Our map did not have much colour (it was black & white). My group made an X Land. The members of our group were Minnie, Kiyan, Pim Pim, Ben, Pong and Nab,they  all worked wonderfully together, showing teamwork and  awesome planning in the QR Code hunt.

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Art – 6SK

  Over the past few weeks 6SK have been looking looking at watercolours in Art. Last week we studied reflections and this week we looked at pictures drawn with pencils first and then went over them with watercolors, however some of us just used watercolors.


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Explorers Day – 6JB – First Aid

This week, during Explorers Day, 6JB  learned about first aid and what to do if you got heatstroke or fainted. Here you can see a photo of us completing the activity.


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Explorers Day 6PA – Tent Building

On Tuesday, Year 6 had an Explorers Day! We did many activities including tent building. We learnt how to set up tents and had a lot of fun.

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FOBISIA Maths Online Competition – 6DL and 6PA Maths groups

In the week before half term two Year 6 Maths groups took part in the FOBISIA Maths Online competition. Each day we had different challenges to solve. Seven students managed to achieve a Platinum certificate by the end of the week.

We also made videos to show all the Maths topics we could think linked with Bangkok. Here you can see the one made by Domon, Erika and Tresor, which achieved 5th place out of 45 schools, and can also be viewed on the FOBISIA website.


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Bread Preservatives 6SK

On Thursday 6SK completed an experiment about how bread moulds. We made bread with one kind of microorganisms which was yeast. We are looking to see how  bread from 7/11 and school bread differs. Firstly,we needed a clean tissue, rulers,scissors,clean plastic bags and ingredients, which we chose, to use as a preservative. Secondly, we cut the bread into four pieces and put them neatly in a plastic bag. After that we put our ingredients in to a plastic bag with a ¼ of each bread. We will now pin them up on the wall – but first we need to let air to go into each bag.

Here you can see some photos of our experiment.

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The Rabbits by 6PA and 6TO

Over the past couple of weeks 6PA have been learning about a book called ‘The Rabbits’. It is a picture book written by John Marsden and Shaun Tan. We predicted what would happen as we went through the book. We also wrote a poem from the rabbits perspective and also a play script that included features like stage directions.

6TO also had a discussion about whether the rabbits were good or not. We used the Harkness method for debate for this.

Here you can see a couple of pictures from the book.

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Mangroves by 6JB

This week, as part of our study of rivers. 6JB completed some research about mangrove forests. Here you can see a pic collage of some of our work.


6SK Literacy: The Rabbits by John Marsden and Shaun Tan

This week 6SK read a book called ‘The Rabbits’. This book seems quite easy but the meaning of it is most profound. In Literacy lessons, we wrote some poems based on the book but from an opposing viewpoint – as a numbat in the book (the enemy of rabbits). Pakin’s work was especially good so we made it into an iMovie. The pictures are from ‘The Rabbits’ (drawn by Shaun Tan).

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6DL River Experts

This week in our topic lessons we revisited the slideshows we made as ‘Rivers Experts’.

We viewed each of the shows made by our friends and considered what we liked and learned. We also thought about how each slideshow could be made even better.

Some of our slideshows can be seen below. We hope you enjoy them.


Source presentation by Sophia Mihir Sean and Gutt


Ivy, Erika, Kin, Mehar


Tributaries Presentation - Praan, Kane and Anda


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