House Cross Country Running

On Friday the house cross country was held. We all gave our best and felt proud of our performances. Congratulations to the winners – but also well done to everyone who ran.







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Rivers Research by 6SK

This week we chose different ways of researching rivers. Here are some of our results.

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Art Work by 6TO

Good afternoon☀️

At the start of this term, we have been learning about rivers. In Art, 6TO have created pictures of how river works.☘️ here are  some of our pictures —>

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Year 6 Leaders

Hello, Shrewsbury! What a wonderful start to term it is has been. The heads of school and house captains are already chosen and it was super difficult decision to select! Now the decision has been made and here the Year 6 leaders.


Head boy: Matthias

Head girl: Sophia

Deputy head boy: Monty

Deputy head girl: In In

Music captains: Angie and Fern

Sport captains: Ariana and Poom.K

House captains of Williams: Tun and Shaan

House captains of Schweitzer: Pat.L and Jormkwan

House captains of Suu kyi: Pim Pim and Gorngris

House captains of Kings: Sand and Yuqiao

House captains of Teresa: Trésor and Nink

House captains of Mandela: Pam.P and Ryo

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6PA Literacy – Newspaper Reports

In the first few weeks of Literacy, we have been learning about newspapers and writing our own newspaper reports. 6PA have been working very hard to write reports that include direct and indirect quotes. We hope you enjoy reading our reports.

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SHB Riverside Food Drive for Thai SOS

Dear Year 6,

The Food Drive has begun!

Please bring any of the following items to the Atrium and leave on the tables tomorrow (Thursday 31/9/18). For more information, please visit: ThaiSOS

As always, your support is appreciated!


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Term 1a Overview

Dear Parents,

I am extremely delighted to provide you with the first Parent Overview of the academic year 2018/19. A very warm welcome to all Year 6 students and their families.

This year is a very special year – the children are now at the top of the Prep School and with that comes greater responsibility, opportunities to lead and a real sense of growing independence.

We will begin our learning with the topic of Rivers; following the journey of the Chao Phraya from source to mouth. This is an excellent opportunity to develop students’ geography skills, but of course, we will use the topic to develop new skills and knowledge across the curriculum.

For home learning, we will be asking the children to one activity per week to complete and share with their teacher. Below I will outline some areas of learning we will be completing this half-term.


We will use the Talk for Writing programme to develop students’ writing, both fiction and non-fiction. This half-term, we will explore journalistic writing focusing on the lives of people who live on the Chao Phraya River and how the floods of Bangkok in 2011 affected their lives and businesses.

We will link with a Senior School Drama teacher in each 10-day cycle. Our Guided Reading sessions will also build in analysis of non-fiction and fiction texts.


In Term 1a we will follow a Maths Mastery approach to our learning in our new Maths classes. Each lesson will challenge the students to gain a greater understanding of the Year 6 Curriculum objectives. We will develop fluency, reasoning and problem solving, with a focus upon ‘the language of Maths’ being used in the classroom to explain and justify our calculations. Our objectives begin with learning about the Number system, then using the 4 operations and we will end Term 1a by focusing on fractions. We will be expecting all students to develop a quick recall of times tables and their division counterparts, the use of formal written methods and application of the inverse to check working out.


We will be focusing on the journey of a river, identifying its stages and looking at their impact on the environment. We will also look at the uses of the Chao Phraya and other world rivers by humans and wildlife alike. Our trip to Chulachomklao Fort will give us the ideal vantage point for observing the river delta and understanding the vital role played by mangroves in protecting the land from flooding.


After establishing some clear guidelines for Safety in the Science lab, students will begin to develop their ability to design and carry out investigations. They will then learn how micro-organisms can be harmful and beneficial by carrying out their own practical investigations.


Students will develop their painting skills this half term with a focus upon vocabulary and techniques. They will use a range of paints (watercolour and poster paint) to improve blending, mixing and creating textures.


This half term students will use Microsoft Excel to extend their spreadsheet skills through a series of modelling activities. Where possible, we will collect data linked to the Chao Phraya to investigate pollution and water flow.

Learning for Life:

We will develop students’ personal and social well-being in a range of ways. We will empower them to set their learning targets, to be excellent team-players and to care for those in the school community, for example as play leaders. We will also challenge the students to apply for roles of responsibility. This year, our school values are now ‘Character Strengths’ and will be focused upon for a whole half-term. Our first is ‘Respect’ and we will be exploring what it means to be respectful and how we can ensure that people respect us.

The Year 6 team is looking forward to getting to know all the students and their families. Do come and see us if you have any questions about any aspect of your child’s learning.

With thanks and very best regards,

Mr. J. Bilinkewycz

Year 6 Team Leader


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Meet the Year 6 Team

Dear Parents,

Thank you all very much for your attendance on Thursday and for the supportive manner in which you asked questions, listened and responded to the key messages given. I hope that the afternoon provided you with all the information you needed for the beginning of this academic year and as ever, please do inform the Year 6 Team if you have any concerns to raise.

I have uploaded the slides to Firefly at the bottom of the Year 6 homepage for you to view at home.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Mr. J. Bilinkewycz

Year 6 Team Leader (6JB Class Teacher)

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House Captains 2018/19

What an inspirational afternoon we had on Friday! Over 30 students stood in front of the 5 judges, their Year 6 teachers and their peers to explain why they should be appointed the House Captain for their houses. It was an incredible event and I am not only pleased by the fantastic participation numbers, but also by the confidence with which all students spoke. Well done to all who took part!

Here are the results:

Williams – Tun (6TO) and Shaan (6SK)

Suu Kyi – Pim Pim (6PA) and Gorngris (6TO)

Mandela – Pam (6PA) and Ryo (6JB)

Schweitzer – Jormkwan (6PA) and Pat (6PA)

King – Yuqiao (6JB) and Sand (6JB)

Teresa – Nink (6PA) and Tresor (6PA)

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1st Week Complete

Dear Parents,

What a great week we have had in Year 6 getting to know one another. It has been an absolute pleasure to welcome both new students and adults to the Year 6 Team and I’m sure they are all feeling settled.

We were welcome back to school on Wednesday by Mr. Seal who shared the incredible story that stole the headlines during the summer of the ‘Cave Rescue’. Mr Seal linked this to our new Character Strength for Term 1a – Respect.

Following this, on Thursday, I led an assembly with the Year 6 students to inform them of routines and expectations that I have of them for this academic year. It has been a joy to visit classrooms this week and witness the fantastic relationships already developing and I very much look forward to meeting you all properly next week at the ‘Meet the Year 6 Team’ event (30/8/18). At this meeting in the Memorial Hall at 1:45pm, I will share ‘all things Year 6’ and will ensure that you, just like your children, feel settled and welcome back for this new year at Shrewsbury.

On Friday we will hold the hustings for House Captains so please do encourage your child to apply via this link – House Captains. All they need to do is prepare a short speech explaining why they would make the best representative for their house (this link has also been shared via GoogleDrive with all students).

Lastly, I would like to thank you for your kind words already this week and I am looking forward to meeting you all properly on Thursday.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. J. Bilinkewycz
Year 6 Team Leader

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