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Residential – War Cemeteries

During the residential, we reflected on the lost lives of POWs working on the Thai-Burma Railway. Matthew “I learnt that many soldier died for the railway.”  Tara “It was very moving to be there seeing all the graves.” Elliot “It was very peaceful with all the nature and all the graves.” -Terng and Poppap

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Residential – Sai Yok Noi Navigation

We had a lot of fun finding the source of the river luckily we did not get lost! Here is a video of us trying to find the source…. Sai Yok Noi Navigation from (Panghom) Arthida Kitjapipat on Vimeo. -Hero and Panghom

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Residential – Hell Fire Pass

Last week, Year 6 have been visiting Kanchanaburi since we are learning about the second world war. Here is a video about our visit to Hell Fire Pass. Hell Fire Pass is where the POWs built the Thai Burma railway. Hellfire Pass from (Jinly) Kornchanok Muangsiri on Vimeo. -Yuji and Jinly

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Residential – Evening Activities and House Games

Year 6 had a very fabulous time on their Kanchanaburi residential which lasted for four days. The children completed many activities here is a video of the house games and evening activities: Felix Hotel from (Jeffie) Ponthakorn Eiamkriengkr on Vimeo. Hugo “My favourite part of the residential were the house games, I loved the cross […]

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Residential – Around Town

During our residential, we went on the bridge over the river Kwai. It was very fascinating to see this architecture and to study it up close. On the other hand, we were nervous because the bridge was so high. Then in the evening, we went to the bamboo field in our hotel to make som […]

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Residential – Hydro-Electric Dam

At Kanchanaburi this year, the teachers organised a trip to Sinagarin Hydro-electric dam. The scenery was amazing and the children had an opportunity to look around on top of the dam at the reservoir. We also got an tour to look inside the powerhouse that stores electricity that the dam creates. This works by the water […]

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