Breakout EDU (Wednesday May 13th 2020)

  • For Junior Students:
  • For Senior Students:

Breakout EDU games bring the challenges of an escape room to the classroom. One of its features is a digital breakout. Students use the provided clues to solve digital puzzles. To join a class and play the digital platform, create your account here using the class code provided for your level.

Junior Breakout games :    Class code   – YJBGOY

Senior Breakout games :     Class code   – szvuot

Follow the sign up Instructions below!

English Storytime

Wednesday, May 13th 2020. English Storytime. Mrs. Rous is reading ‘Splat the Cat and the Duck with No Quack’ by Rob Scotton .

– Thai Storytime

Wednesday, May 13th 2020, Thai Storytime. Miss Nan is reading ‘กรุ๊งกริ๊ง หนีเร็ว’ by รัตนา คชนาท.

Accessing Storytime Videos:

For Students please visit Firefly to access content.

For Parents of Pre-Prep students please find a link on ILD (Interactive Learning Diary) website to access Storytime videos.

Thanks kindly,

Shrewsbury International School Riverside Librarians