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Science ‘Shrew-tubers’ in 4LS

Today 4LS pretended that they were youtubers by recording their own videos demonstrating the investigations we have carried out in Science this half term and explaining their understanding of sound and how it travels.

Have a look at our videos here:





4LS trip to the Gurdwara

4LS had such a wonderful time visiting the Gurdwara!  Have a look at our video of the trip here.


4AW and 4LS visit the Gurdwara.

As part of our comparative religion and PSHE curriculum, we enjoyed an informative Gurdwara visit. After Langur, we were given a guided tour which included visiting the Guru Granth Sahib as well as a question and answer session. Many thanks to our Shrewsbury parents for their invaluable assistance, and to Mr Donno for his organisation.

Happy Loy Krathong from 4LS

4LS learn about the water cycle

To complete our work on States of Matter we have been learning about the water cycle; thinking about what happens to water throughout the processes of evaporation, condensation and precipitation.

4LS enjoy story time

4LS had a lovely time in the library today listening to a wonderful story by Michael Dahl called Thesaurus Rex.

4LS Mathematics

Fancy a mathematical challenge? Then come along to 4LS where some of us have been challenged to explore squared and cubed numbers.

Can you solve these problems?….


4LS explore India

When writing poetry about India, as a class we discussed what we might experience if we were to visit India ourselves.  There was wonderful discussion in class about what would or would not be relevant description, which we then used to build our descriptive language which fed into our writing.  Have a look at the video below…

4LS in the lab

4LS had a wonderful time in the lab today recording and measuring our chemical reactions.




4LS local area survey

This week we went for a walk in the local area completing a Geographical survey that we had written, looking at features of land use in the local area.  We thought about what types of buildings are surrounding the school and when and why they might have been built. We loved being real geographers for the day.

Click on the ‘photo to see us in action.