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4MD and 5GS share their learning

On Thursday, 4MD and 5GS met during period 6 and had a fantastic afternoon together. The reason for this meeting was for 4MD to supply the fuel for the Year 5’s questionnaires. The results of these will help 5GS create a worthwhile product for their business enterprise. 4MD in turn asked 5GS to join them for a kahoot quiz which they happily agreed too. The quiz was made by 4MD’s very own Alex and covered all the areas of learning across Year 4. It was quite a contest with Petter and Chaophraya finishing up as winners. Many thanks to Miss Stone, 5GS and Alex for making our afternoon such a fun one.

Egypt Day in 4MD!

4MD’s Egyptian day was packed with learning as we developed our understanding of  Arabic; the language used in modern Egypt today. We also learned about the Ancient Egyptian game of Senet, which was enjoyed by King Tutankhamen, as a board and pieces were discovered in his tomb. We also completed fantastic Egyptian art work using our printing skills. To learn about mummification, the children watched a ‘live’ demonstration and the mummification of a fish. The highlight of the day was a cryptic treasure hunt using hieroglyphics. 


4MD Tomb Makers!

4MD have been learning about measures over the past two weeks. We have learned the importance of measuring accurately, and understanding how to convert between different measurements. As part of our lessons, we also learned the units of measurement the Ancient Egyptians used such as the cubit. This last week we have revisited area and perimeter and designed a pharaoh’s tomb. Below, we are calculating the area and perimeter of the chambers inside the tomb.

4MD Dragon Machine

4MD finished a busy book week in style by creating a quite awesome dragon out of cardboard, bottles and a great deal of tape. The awesomeness of the dragon was matched and surpassed actually by the magnificent teamwork the class demonstrated when constructing the dragon. A manager was chosen from the class to organise their classmates into groups and create a construction schedule. I watched enthralled by how the class discussed, negotiated and supported each other throughout this task. 

The children also demonstrated a great deal of resilience, which is our new character strength. On numerous occasions, feet fell off, teeth fell out and the dragon’s head went floppy. However, nobody gave up and persisted with the goal to make a dragon. It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable book week in 4MD and making the Dragon Machine which was inspired by our literacy learning around the book by the same name has been the icing on the cake.

4MD Class Assembly

A proud day yesterday for me, and I am sure for all of 4MD’s parents as the class took to the stage. I was impressed by their courage on stage, their passion to entertain everyone and the sincerity of the message they told. A big thank you to parents for the support you gave us in learning lines, providing props and of course the amazing Indian dresses. Miss Pam has also worked tirelessly to support me in the production of the assembly as has Miss Mint and Mr Jonny, who also both contributed and supported the children. Special thank you to Miss Pinky who woke up early that morning to cook the delicious samosas.  Truly a team effort!

4MD Water Cycle

4MD designed collages to represent the water cycle. During the lesson, we learned new key vocabulary  such as transpiration and sublimation (I’ll let the children explain these to you). We also linked our understanding of changing states of matter to the process of evaporation. Helping us to visualize the water cycle we have an experiment in class using water and a bag which has created a very simple water cycle.

Poetry Slam 4MD

As part of our literacy unit about poetry, 4MD began to immerse themselves into different poems. We have started to observe different features of poems including: Similes, metaphors, alliteration, repetition, adjectives and structure.

During the Slam poetry session, the class were tasked with performing the Magic Box by Kit Wright. They were put into groups and demonstrated excellent teamwork and also imagination (our new character strength) in order to present an exciting Slam Poem!

4MD Story time

4MD were treated to a story by Miss Toner, who is in fact a published author herself.  The chance for the children to sit back and relax listening to a story can be lost in this modern age. However, a good book read by whoever helps develop your imagination and your knowledge. We are trying to create good reading habits in 4MD. The key to this is getting into a good routine and finding a great book. My favourite book is by Bill Bryson, Notes From A Small Island. Perhaps you could share your favourite book in the comments below. Happy reading…

Roald Dahl Day 4MD

Yesterday, we were pleased to welcome two Year 8 classes to 4MD. We enjoyed immensely our collaborative learning. Our task, was to immerse ourselves into a famous Roald Dahl poem as part of Roald Dahl day. We decided to also develop our digital and drama skills by creating some short films. All films were created in less than thirty minutes, emphasizing the diligence and speed of thought by the children.

Please follow the QR code to view the films.

4MD and 4AW Hogwarts Hook

As part of our new topic, children experienced a variety of Hogwarts inspired activities. These included exploring the Marauder’s map, experiencing the senses of a cold winter’s night, listening to sounds related to the story, creating potions, making tea and choosing which wand would suit them best. All these will help with both their Literacy and Topic learning throughout the term…and it was also great fun!