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Blending Art and Science as the Foundation for Inquiry Based Projects, 13th-14th November 2015, Bangkok



Blending Art and Science as the Foundation for Inquiry Based Projects

Early Childhood Educators
(Preschool – First Grade)

November 13 – 14, 2015

9.00 am – 3.30 pm

Bangkok, Thailand
Exact venue to be confirmed

Early Bird
Baht 18,200/ USD 560 per participant
(reserve your seat by June 24, 2015)

Baht 21,500 / USD 662
(reserve your seat by September 4, 2015)


Alliance for International Education – World Conference, 26th-28th February 2016, Bangkok

AIE World Conference_002

AIE World Conference_001

On January 26-28, NIST will host Alliance for International Education World Conference, with the theme of ‘Engaging with Difference’. AIE is an organization promoting intercultural understanding and collaboration and is connected to Bath University through the Board Members of Jeff Thompson and Mary Hayden, who have done a lot of research and published leading books in the field. AIE is hoping to generate a lot of interest in the local practitioners in the field of international education. It would be great to have your staff present some case studies, or lesson plans how they have ‘engaged with difference’ in their schools. The presentations are only about 20 minutes so this is a great way to get your work recognized!

We are also setting up a Local Committee, that will be involved in organizing the Conference. Most of the logistical work will be done by NIST, but we would like to welcome all your expertise in publicizing the event, and encouraging student involvement, e.g. in the form of IT help, presenting some projects etc. This will not take up a lot of extra time, but will ensure that you get to attend a fantastic Conference with lots of new learning and research! If you, or anyone in your staff, are interested in acting in the Local Committee, please advice them to contact me at mruokanen@nist.ac.th. Learn more about the Conference on AIE website.

AIE World Conference pdf

Essential Skills for Excellent Education PAs, 27th – 28th July, 2015, Bangkok

Essential Skills for Excellent Education PAs,
27th – 28th July 2015,
9.30 am – 5.00 pm

Marriott Hotel
Sukhumvit Soi 24
Bangkok, Thailand

Baht 16,900 per participant
USD 520 per participant

Personal Assistants and Administrative Assistants in education

May 29, 2015

Angela Garry

Vital seminars on how to move forward within your role: covering practical points, technological breakthroughs, utilising social media, building on your existing skills, managing change, and leading your manager to success.

Workshop Overview
The course covers eight essential topics to ensure you are ready for tomorrow’s challenges:

Overflowing inboxes
Purple folder
Social media
Managing change
Minute-taking and

Session content will include:

Practical pointers
Technological breakthroughs
Utilising social media
Building on your existing skills
Managing change and
Leading your manager to success.

Link for further information and registration:


Dyslexia Thailand
DATES : 14th – 24th June 2015 (14th-19th, 22-24th June)
LOCATION : Bangkok
COST : $1,500 (USD)
REQUIREMENT : Bachelor’s degree or higher (in any area of study)
Associate Level members may tutor individuals using the Orton-
Gillingham approach while continuing to work supervised by a Fellow.
Please Contact: info@dyslexiainthailand.com for additional information


Dyslexia Thailand is sponsoring an Orton-Gillingham Academy Accredited Associate Level training course in June 2015. This 63 hour course is required to become an Associate member of the Orton-Gillingham Academy. The Academy is the only organization established and authorized expressly to set and maintain professional and ethical standards for the practice of the Orton-Gillingham Approach.

The course will be taught by two fellows of the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators (AOGPE), Dawn Nieman and MaryAnn Chatfield. This course is an exclusive opportunity to work with AOGPE Fellows within Asia.
MaryAnn Chatfield,Fellow/AOGPE. Diane Nieman. Fellow/AOGPE.

The Associate Level Course includes the following topics:
• Dyslexia and reading disorders
• The rationale of the Orton-Gillingham Approach
• Phonology and morphology
• The motor component and the writing process
• Vocabulary, reading comprehension, and fluency
• 63 hour course

Practicum Includes: (After completion of the above course – additional cost)
• Practical strategies for applying the OG approach
• 10 hours

Orton Gillingham training

Summer Camp (27 June – 8 August 2015)

D.T is also in the process of setting up a summer camp in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, where the children can enjoy all the fun expected of summer camp as well as an hour of literacy intervention by the OG tutors per day. The camp also aims to raise self-esteem and confidence in learning. We are hoping to have this ready for the upcoming summer break. More news to come…

Our mission is to increase awareness of dyslexia in South East Asia where 10 – 20% of all school populations will have students struggling to reach international standards in literacy and/or math. By increasing awareness and training we hope to develop the quality of teaching and intervention that these children receive, to reach their educational potential.

For more information contact: info@dyslexiainthailand.com www.dyslexiainthailand.com

Visible Learningplus – Feedback that Makes Learning Visible, Friday 8th May 2015, Patana

Visible Learningplus – Feedback that Makes Learning Visible
When: Friday 8th May
Where: Bangkok Patana School, Bangkok, Thailand
Cost: 6,000 Baht

Facilitator: Deb Masters will be joining us from the Visible Learning Team. Visible Learningplus is an in-depth school change model of professional learning and development. It is based on the principles of Visible Learning that have developed from Professor John Hattie’s research and his two books.

Professor John Hattie has undertaken the world’s largest research based around the question: What works best for student achievement? This body of ongoing research has shown some key strands for teachers and leaders to understand.

The strands are

• The visible learning

• Know thy impact

• Effective feedback

• Inspired and passionate teachers

• The Visible learning school

The workshop that will be happening at Bangkok Patana on this occasion will focus upon Effective feedback in the learning process. You will gain an understanding of how learning intentions and success criteria are the basis for giving effective feedback and how you can use the three instructional feedback levels. You will also learn the difference between praise and effective feedback.

Please register online here

Full details can be found on this Flyer here

Technology Integration FOBISIA JAWS, Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd May 2015, Harrow, Bangkok

Technology Integration FOBISIA JAWS
Date: Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd May 2015
Venue: Harrow International School
Cost: 2,000b (inclusive of transport to and from hotel, lunch, snack, refreshment and dinner on Friday evening)
Registration Dateline: Friday 10th April 2015
Contact Person: chris_r@harrowschool.ac.th

Term 3 Technology Integration JAWS

Topic: Technology Integration
Focus: Sharing models of good practice with a view to developing a working policy for Schools

The job-alike workshop was created as a format to allow group of like-minded professionals to create opportunities for curriculum-based CPD that relies on the skills and knowledge of the delegates themselves rather than relying on expensive key note speakers.
These workshops are an opportunity for you to share good practice and co-construct new knowledge with other FOBISIA teachers. This is a professional event. Registered participants are required to contribute to the agenda and to contribute to the presentations.

The impact of technology on education has been transformational in many of our Schools. With many seeking to fully leverage the potential of these tools there has arisen a need for teachers to explore how technology can be fully utilized to enhance and transform teaching and learning.
This JAWS will seek to work collaboratively to develop how Technology Integration actually looks in Schools. With a focus on the Why? How? And What?. Participants will work collaboratively to develop systems, strategies and policies which will work for their particular organisation.

Sign up here

Term 3 Technology Integration JAWS

ASB and Achieve 3000 Open House, Thursday 19th March 2015, Bangkok

Achieve 3000

In collaboration with Achieve3000, we are excited to host an open house at the American School of Bangkok – Green Valley campus on Thursday, March 19th. The main purpose of this event is to learn how to utilize the Achieve3000 program, and showcase how we use it here at ASB. Achieve3000 is a program that provides the only web-based, differentiated instruction solutions designed to reach a school’s entire student population. We are really hoping you or someone from your school may be available to attend. Please RSVP using this hyperlinked form:
Achieve3000 OpenHouse @ASB.

Map 1
Map 2

BTN Assessment for Learning (Saturday Session), Saturday 21st March 2015, Bangkok Prep

Assessment for Learning
Bangkok Prep School (http://www.bkkprep.ac.th/contact/map)
Saturday 21st March, 2015
Time: 8:30am – 2:00pm

Bangkok Prep and the International School Eastern Seaboard are pleased to offer the first BTN conference focused on Assessment for Learning

There will be a wide range of workshops to enjoy and opportunities to network with staff from other schools.

Cost: 500 Baht, which includes drinks, snacks and lunch. An opportunity will be provided to socialize afterwards at a local pub. Drinks will be the responsibility of the participants.

To register please complete the form here: http://goo.gl/Mm0YpW
We look forward to seeing you at the BTN!

AfL BTN Saturday Session

Sign 4 Learning Workshop, 23rd April 2015, Bangkok Patana

Sign 4 Learning Workshop
Thursday 23rd April
Bangkok Patana

Please find here details of a CPD opportunity Sign 4 Learning Workshop which will take place at Bangkok Patana School on Thursday 23rd April.

Sign 4 Learning is a unique initiative that successfully uses signs taken from British Sign Language to increase targeted vocabulary in hearing children. The action of the sign, coupled with the spoken word is a powerful tool that helps children to remember new vocabulary and concepts effectively. Children learn best when they are actively engaged and with Sign 4 Learning they are not just hearing and saying new words, but doing them as well. Data from Sign 4 Learning shows significant and measurable progress towards the Early Learning Foundation Stage (EYFS) goals following an 8 week intervention using Sign 4 Stories and Sign 4 Feelings and Behaviour.

More information, including the research data is available from: http://www.sign4learning.co.uk
For registration, please click here.

Sign 4 Learning

DEEP Learning Innovative Teaching & Learning Conference, 21st-22nd March 2015, Bangkok

DEEP Learning Innovative Teaching & Learning Conference
21st-22nd March 2015
NIST, Bangkok

DEEP Learning conferences offer an innovative teaching & learning experience. We pride ourselves on bringing the best of many worlds together. We are confident you have never attended a professional development event where such emphasis has been placed on giving you the ability to craft your own personal experience. We make it our business to ensure the greatest possible value through differentiation for each participant.

Travel your own differentiated path and learn how to leverage devices at your school while improving learning with innovative pedagogy.

It is shaping up to be an exciting event with presenters flying in from Malaysia and Singapore on top of our incredible pool of local talent.

Come and join in this amazing opportunity to improve your practice, network with colleagues from the region, and enjoy the delicious food, drinks, and atmosphere.

We can’t wait to see you there!

More details in the attached pdf and at www.deeplearners.com/bkk2015

Update DEEP Learning Bangkok Conference March 21st-22nd