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Cognitive Coaching: Foundation Course, 15th January 2015 (Part 1), April 25th 2015 (Part 2), NIST, Bangkok

Cognitive Coaching:
Foundation Course,
15th January 2015 (Part 1),
April 25th 2015 (Part 2),
NIST, Bangkok


Cognitive Coaching provides a foundation for the communication skills needed by teacher leaders and those occupying positions of educational leadership. This four-day course presents an approach to professional relationships that focuses on supporting the thinking of colleagues in the areas of planning and reflecting. The specific skills and strategies included in this course lend themselves to developing a school culture of collaboration and a professional learning community.

Cognitive Coaching is an approach to adult interaction that capitalizes upon and enhances cognitive processes. It is based on the following four major propositions:

Thought and perception produce all behavior.
Teaching is constant decision making.
To learn something new requires engagement and alteration in thought.
Humans continue to grow cognitively.

The course provides training in the skill sets that will enable each participant to act as a coach to mediate the thinking of others. Participants will learn how to support colleagues in developing new ways of thinking even when stuck in a specific mindset. To that end, individuals will learn how filters of perceptions frame thinking, develop greater sophistication in paraphrasing and questioning so as to provide opportunities for cognitive shift, and how to frame effective goal statements to support flexibility of thought in problem resolution.

The course is highly interactive and will include:

Modeling and role play
Small group activities
Learning partners
Readings from text and course guide

This Cognitive CoachingSM course is offered through the Center for Cognitive Coaching, a part of the Thinking Collaborative.
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LINK to information about Part 2:

Coaching for teacher development, 27th-28th March 2014, Bangkok

Coaching for Teacher Development

Date / time: Thursday 27th & Friday 28th March 2014
Venue: Imperial Queens Park Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Fee: £400 (TBh 20,000) / participant, to include: refreshments & course materials

Target audience: This course is aimed at primary & secondary teachers / school leaders who have a responsibility for the leadership of learning & teaching / professional development of staff in their school.

Aims of the course
This course will enable participants to develop the coaching skills needed to develop their staff and enable each individual to fulfil their potential. Participants will learn how to develop and implement a model of coaching for
their team and how to embed such strategies into their regular conversations with colleagues to further enhance their motivation and engagement.

Understanding the principles of coaching and mentoring and the
difference between the two;
Develop high-level listening and questioning skills;
Creating goals that both motivate and drive action;
Consider the importance of learning on the job and see continuing professional development (CPD) as the route to high-quality teaching and learning;
Value CPD as more than a series of individual courses but as a sustained long-term journey towards professional growth and excellence;
See the value of working together with others in cooperative professional dialogue;
See the personal, professional and organisational value in supporting coaching programmes;
Share professional expertise.

Course tutor: Andy Phillips (see www.apa-ec.co.uk for career profile)

Each participant will receive a CDRom with copies of all course materials.

How to apply
Either: email a completed form to: andy@apa-ec.co.uk
OR: PRINT AND RETURN a separate form for each applicant to:
Andy Phillips, (Andy Phillips Associates)
4 Holstein Avenue, Weybridge,
Surrey, KT13 8NX, ENGLAND

BKK March 2014 Programme AP Associates