FOBISIA Gifted and Talented JAW
23rd-24th January 2015,
Kellett School, Hong Kong

What : Gifted and Talented JAWs
When : 23rd – 24th January 2015
Where : Kellett School, Hong Kong
Time : Friday 8:30am – 4:00pm
Saturday 9:00am – 2:00pm
Cost : $300 HKD for lunch, beverages and snacks on both days.
(This can be paid in cash on Friday 23rd January)
Suggested Hotel : L’hotel Causeway Bay, $935 HKD/night (tax included). Breakfast $120 HKD extra.
Contact : Jenny Shek
Deadline: Friday 28th November 2014

This JAWs is relevant to all colleagues who are currently leading the provision and development of G&T within their school.

This Job Alike Workshop is an opportunity for you to network with other FOBISIA members, to share good practice and co-construct new knowledge.
All participants will be actively involved in the planning of the agenda and will be provided with opportunities to contribute. All sessions will be led and facilitated by the participants.
We want to make the sessions as practical and as useful as possible, therefore, we have planned in a number of sessions where the sharing of ideas and resources can take place. Other sessions on the agenda will be completed following input from the registered participants.

Workshops are invited on the following topics:
• Standards and progress
• Effective provision in the mainstream classroom
• Identification
• Assessment
• Transfer and transition
• Curriculum differentiation
• Monitoring and evaluation
• Pastoral support
• Staff development
• G&T resources and impact on learning
• Parent and community partnerships
• Learning beyond the classroom
Additional topics can be added.

G&T JAWs flyer – Kellett School