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Using Puppetry in the Classroom, Saturday 17th January 2015, Patana, Bangkok

Using Puppetry in the Classroom
Saturday 17th January 2015
Bangkok Patana
Registration 08:30, Session 09:00 – 16:00
Cost: 6,000 Baht

A great opportunity for teachers from Primary and Secondary age range to add to their portfolio using puppetry to enhance learning.

Puppetry is not only a beautiful skill to master in its own artistic right but it can also be used as a valuable and exciting tool for exploring many areas of the curriculum. This day of puppetry play will begin by exploring the basic principles of puppeteering through the world of object manipulation, exploring the characters and creatures that appear when you believe that anything can be brought to life through imagination and a few tricks of the puppetry trade. We will then transfer these skills into a human form puppet which we will create with our own fair hands using a simple, yet hugely versatile, technique. Once we have created our new friends we will look at they myriad of opportunities and areas of learning which come when we explore scale; building small worlds and friendly giants we will learn to puppeteer as an individual and as an ensemble. In amongst all the fun we will take time to discuss and share the learning opportunities, cross curricular pathways and personal and social skills which can be developed in your classroom, with your students, through the wonderful world of puppets!
Louise Clark has an MA in Drama and Theatre Education and a BA in Theatre and Performance both from the University of Warwick and has specialised in Early Years arts education since her MA dissertation research into The Place of the Drama Specialist in the Early Years. She works as a performer and theatre practitioner, specialising in theatre education and children’s theatre. She believes high quality theatre experiences can play a pivotal role in the education and development of young children. This belief keeps her busy as an artist for Creative Partnerships and as a drama consultant for LEAs, developing drama as a whole school approach to learning and as a teaching tool within the classroom.

Louise worked as a performer in children’s theatre for several years touring with Tell Tale Hearts, for whom she is now Associate Director. She also works as an education associate for a number of well-known theatre companies including Horse and Bamboo Theatre Company, Oldham Coliseum, Manchester Library Theatre, Doncaster Community Arts (darts) and RSC. Louise is also a member of staff for the International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA) and works closely with Calderdale Theatre School, Halifax.

A great opportunity for teachers from Primary and Secondary age range to add to their portfolio using puppetry to enhance learning.


Visit this LINK to register

Innovative Global Conference, November 1st- 2nd 2014, NIST, Bangkok

Innovative Global Conference
November 1st- 2nd 2014,
NIST, Bangkok


Think – Activate – Engage. Innovative Global Education is excited to announce a new conference with set of workshop offerings at NIST International School, in Bangkok, Thailand, on the 1st to 2nd of November. Each workshop will take place over a day and half and you register for one workshop for the two days. Each workshop is facilitated by an expert in that field.

All participants will receive a certificate of participation for the workshop.

Registration fee after 15 September: USD $310

Cancellation Policy
Please note that each workshop will proceed based on participant registration. Innovative Global Education will inform you by 1 October 2014 if the workshop is to be cancelled. If the workshop is cancelled, your full payment will be reimbursed.

Workshop Participation
If Innovative Global Education is informed by 1 October 2014 that a participant is unable to attend the workshop, a full refund will be given. If notification of not being able to participate is after 1 October 2014, IGE will be unable to refund the registration fee. If, for any reason, a school needs to either transfer a registered participant to another workshop from the workshop registered or change the name of the participant attending a workshop, Innovative Global Education can make these changes on request from the school or participant.

Alternative Payment Methods
If you are unable to pay for this event using a credit card please contact info@innovativeglobaled.org to arrange possible alternative payment methods. Where requested, an invoice can be sent to school and/or individual that will include bank details for an electronic transfer.

Activate, Collaborate and Facilitate: Finding Pathways for Inquiry in Secondary Schools
Facilitator: Julian Edwards, Bangkok, Thailand

NEW: This is the first time this workshop has been facilitated at an IGE conference.

Activities that Develop Scientific Thinking in Elementary & Middle School Students
Facilitator: Jane Altemen, Bangkok, Thailand

Previous Feedback: “Jane provided a workshop where we were involved in investigating scientific principles. Through the investigation we were able to see the process involved and actively participate.”

“Jane was amazing, she made me realize science is all about thinking, she used provoking strategies and experiments to engage us that I can use back in my school.”

Mathematics and Inquiry in the Elementary School: Where Do I Start?
Facilitator: Mignon Weckert, Singapore

Previous Feedback: “I feel inspired to go back to school and go through the inquiry journey together.”

“I really liked that we had time to plan together to process our learning.”

Teaching for Conceptual Understanding
Facilitator: Andrea Muller, Auckland, New Zealand
Facilitator: Tania Lattanzio, Singapore

NEW: This will be the first time this workshop has been facilitated at an IGE conference.

Inquiry-Centered Leadership
Facilitator: Richard Owens, Singapore

Previous Feedback: “I found the workshop highly thought provoking.”

“I learnt new aspects of leadership and new methods in problem solving.”

Traces of Learning: Documenting Young Children’s Learning
Facilitator: Fiona Zinn, Tasmania, Australia

Previous Feedback: “This workshop really transformed my concept of documentation.”

“I have brought back ideas not only to better my documentation but also for my classroom practices.”

Working with English as an Additional Language (EAL) Learners: Practical Classroom Application and Strategies
Facilitator: Beth Queeny- Dressler, Bangkok, Thailand

Previous Feedback: “It was a wonderful workshop and the leader Beth was amazing. She was energetic, informative and used a lot of resources such as wikispaces and google docs that allows us to continue sharing ideas and communicating with each other after the workshop.”

“Lots of useful strategies & time for discussion.”

Inquiry in the Thai Additional Language Classroom
Facilitator: Isariyabhorn Uwanno (On-Ann), Bangkok, Thailand

Facilitator: Lilian Wong, Hong Kong

NEW: This will be the first time this workshop has been facilitated at an IGE conference.

To register visit the Innovative Global Education website.



It’s electrifying!

2SD enjoyed making circuits with a simple switch. The children tested a variety of classroom materials to find out whether they were electrical conductors or insulators. The circuits will be used in the making of our robot heads for our Year 2 Robots topic.








Sign 4 Learning, Bangkok, November 22nd and 23rd 2013

Sign 4 Learning

Target Audience: Early Years Teachers
Course Leader: Katja O’Neill and Sue Thomas
Date: November 22 – 23, 2013
Time: 8.30 – 16.00
Venue: Professional Training Service, Q House Sathorn, Bangkok, Thailand

The action of the sign, coupled with the spoken word is a powerful tool that helps children to remember new vocabulary effectively.

Children learn best when they are actively engaged and with Sign 4 Learning they are not just hearing and saying new words, but doing them as well.

Sign 4 Learning is a unique initiative that successfully uses signs taken from British Sign Language to increase targeted vocabulary in hearing children. It was written and trialled in Luton by Early Years and Primary Consultants, together with a qualified BSL signer.

Data from Sign 4 Learning shows significant and measurable progress towards the EYFS Early Learning goals during the eight week research periods for Sign 4 Stories, Sign 4 Maths and Sign 4 Feelings and Behaviour. Research data can be viewed via the following links:
Headlines from Luton Sign 4 Maths Research
Headlines from Luton Sign 4 Stories Research
Sign 4 Feelings and Behaviour Research YearN
Sign 4 Feelings and Behaviour Research YearR

Workshop Facilitators

Sue Thomas is the Senior Early Years Consultant for Luton Borough Council. Sue’s career has been built around her passion to communicate the crucial importance of the earliest years in children’s lives. Sue began her career in teaching and went on to write for BBC Educational Publishing before moving on to Luton Borough Council where her enthusiasm for early learning shines through in everything she does. Creativity is a key aspect of Sue’s work. From writing educational support materials for the BBC’s Teletubbies and Tweenies through to developing the Sign 4 Learning suite of materials, Sue has shown that she can create materials that will engage children and move them on in their learning.

Katja O’Neill has been studying British Sign Language since 2003 and achieved her NVQ level 6 qualification in 2012. She has been running her own company, teaching signs from BSL to hearing children to improve verbal communication since 2004. She joined the ‘SignWithYourBaby’ network which models its teaching around Dr Joseph Garcias award winning programme and became their Regional Coordinator for Europe and Africa in 2005. Her passion is to maximize the potential for verbal language development in children. Her creative ways to teach and use signs to facilitate this have proven to be popular and effective, as demand for her classes and workshops continues to grow.

Workshop Agenda/Objectives

Day 1
9.00 – 12.00

Sign 4 Stories
This course will show how the language of narrative can be learned in an active multi-sensory way that children really enjoy.

You will learn how to sign key words to SEQUENCE a story [such as first, next and finally] and words to CONNECT it together [such as suddenly, unfortunately, so and but]. Using the hands to sign helps children to learn new vocabulary quickly and to retain and use it more effectively.

The signs are specifically targeted to support children’s use of descriptive, comparative and positional language, problem solving vocabulary and the language of addition and subtraction.

Workshop Objectives
1. To gain an understanding of recent research linking signing with enhanced language development in young children.

2. To gain confidence in using simple signs taken from British Sign Language BSL to develop fluency and understanding of story language in young children.

3. To confidently deliver the two signed stories to a group of children.

4. To begin to use the common story signs during the daily routine and when telling other stories to children.

Course Material
Delegates will be provided with two story books and a poster

1.00 – 4.00

Sign 4 Math
This course will show how new mathematical vocabulary can be learned through songs, rhymes and practical activities, supported kinaesthetically with signs taken from British Sign Language.

The signs are specifically targeted to support children’s use of descriptive, comparative and positional language, problem solving vocabulary and the language of addition and subtraction.

Workshop Objectives
1. To learn BSL signs to support your children’s use of descriptive language, comparative language, positional language, problem solving vocabulary and the language of addition and subtraction.

2. To be confident in using these signs to present the songs and activities contained within the Sign 4 Maths booklet to your children.

Course Material
Delegates will be provided with a Sign 4 Maths booklet and laminated A2 poster.

Day 2
9.00 – 12.00
Sign 4 Feelings and Behaviour
Sign 4 Feelings and Behaviour will support your children to make measurable progress in expressing and managing their feelings and behaviour.

Signs such as ‘worried’, ‘disappointed’ and ‘frustrated’ are taught through stories, songs and activities to help children talk about a wide range of feelings and to understand that although all feelings are understandable and acceptable, not all behaviours are.

Behaviour management signs such as ‘calm down’, ‘share’ and ‘take turns’ are also included in this training package.

Workshop Objectives
1. To understand why we developed Sign 4 Feelings and Behaviour
2. To look at impact in the trial schools
3. To learn the signs
4. To be able to use the signs in stories, songs, games and your daily routine.

Course Material
Delegates will be provided with a Signs 4 Feelings & Behaviour booklet for this course.

1.00 – 4.00

Sign for Communication
Do you have some children in your school or setting for whom communication is really difficult, perhaps because they are new to learning English or have speech, language and communication needs? Sign 4 Communication is all about supporting these children consistently, throughout the day.

This is a practical and interactive workshop where you will learn a minimum of thirty signs through songs and games.

Workshop Objectives
Simple signs in these five key areas will be covered :
1. Time to listen
2. Time to eat
3. Time to wash and change
4. Time to play
5. Time to go home

Course Material
Delegates will be provided with 5 laminated A4 cards.
Workshop Fee
Baht 23,500 per participant
The workshop fee is inclusive of certificate, materials, lunch and coffee breaks.
There is an option of two teachers attending from a school where Teacher A attends day 1 and Teacher B attends day 2. Kindly specify in the Workshop Reservation Form (below)

To Register
Step 1: Fill out the Workshop Reservation Form
At: http://www.ksithailand.com/sign-4-learning
Step 2: Our office will send you/your coordinating staff the invoice upon receipt of the form.
Step 3: You/your coordinating staff will submit the Payment Completion Form

School-Group Participation
If you wish to enroll a group of 5 or more teachers from your school, contact Mr. Navin Pawa with your request as per the contact information below.

Contact Information
Workshop Coordinator: Mr. Navin Pawa
E-mail: ksithailand@gmail.com
Phone (Thailand): 081 701 6843; 081 846 5770 (replace ‘0’ with ’66’ for international calls)

Sign 4 Learning KSI