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Essential Questions: Opening Doors to Student Understanding, 23rd January 2016, Chiang Mai


Essential Questions: Opening Doors to Student Understanding

Educators at all levels

January 23, 2016

9.00 am – 3.30 pm

Chiang mai, Thailand
Exact venue to be confirmed

Early Bird
Baht 8500/ USD 262 per participant
(register by June 24, 2015)

Baht 9200/ USD 283 per participant
(register by Sept. 11, 2015)



DEEP Learning: Future Ready Learning Conference Malaysia, May 9th – 10th 2015

Deep Learning

Future Ready Learning Conference
Malaysia, May 9th – 10th 2015
Google Pre- Conference – May 8th 2015

DEEP Learning’s Global Teaching and Learning conferences offer a unique format that allows participants to easily differentiate their learning and develop take-aways that can be brought back to the classroom.

Over 20 presenters from across Asia including topics such as:

Building community through creative social media
Inspiring Students Through Dynamic Communication
Video Creation for Higher Learning
Creating Your Teacher’s Desk Cloud
The Google Effect
The Paperless Classroom
Websites to Create Fun Learning Environments
Building Creative Confidence In an Innovative World
The AppleTV and Your Classroom
Copyright, Creative Commons and Citation: What you need to know
And many more ….



Visible Learningplus – Feedback that Makes Learning Visible, Friday 8th May 2015, Patana

Visible Learningplus – Feedback that Makes Learning Visible
When: Friday 8th May
Where: Bangkok Patana School, Bangkok, Thailand
Cost: 6,000 Baht

Facilitator: Deb Masters will be joining us from the Visible Learning Team. Visible Learningplus is an in-depth school change model of professional learning and development. It is based on the principles of Visible Learning that have developed from Professor John Hattie’s research and his two books.

Professor John Hattie has undertaken the world’s largest research based around the question: What works best for student achievement? This body of ongoing research has shown some key strands for teachers and leaders to understand.

The strands are

• The visible learning

• Know thy impact

• Effective feedback

• Inspired and passionate teachers

• The Visible learning school

The workshop that will be happening at Bangkok Patana on this occasion will focus upon Effective feedback in the learning process. You will gain an understanding of how learning intentions and success criteria are the basis for giving effective feedback and how you can use the three instructional feedback levels. You will also learn the difference between praise and effective feedback.

Please register online here

Full details can be found on this Flyer here

DEEP Learning Innovative Teaching & Learning Conference, 21st-22nd March 2015, Bangkok

DEEP Learning Innovative Teaching & Learning Conference
21st-22nd March 2015
NIST, Bangkok

DEEP Learning conferences offer an innovative teaching & learning experience. We pride ourselves on bringing the best of many worlds together. We are confident you have never attended a professional development event where such emphasis has been placed on giving you the ability to craft your own personal experience. We make it our business to ensure the greatest possible value through differentiation for each participant.

Travel your own differentiated path and learn how to leverage devices at your school while improving learning with innovative pedagogy.

It is shaping up to be an exciting event with presenters flying in from Malaysia and Singapore on top of our incredible pool of local talent.

Come and join in this amazing opportunity to improve your practice, network with colleagues from the region, and enjoy the delicious food, drinks, and atmosphere.

We can’t wait to see you there!

More details in the attached pdf and at www.deeplearners.com/bkk2015

Update DEEP Learning Bangkok Conference March 21st-22nd

Creating and Leading a Differentiated Classroom, 15th-16th October 2015, Chiang Mai

Creating and Leading a Differentiated Classroom

Target Audience: Educators

Course Leader: Dr. Carol Ann Tomlinson

Date/Time: October 15-16, 2015
9am – 4pm

Venue: To be confirmed – Chiangmai, Thailand

Workshop Overview
In most classrooms today, teachers are keenly aware of their students’ learning differences and struggle to figure out how to address those differences in ways that benefit both the individual learners and the class as a whole. Differentiated Instruction is a way of thinking about the classroom that involves attending to individual and small group needs while moving the whole class ahead in knowledge, understanding, and skill.

This two-day workshop is designed to help teachers develop a sound understanding of the principles and practices that are evident in effectively differentiated classrooms. Participants will examine the role of learning environment, curriculum, instruction, formative assessment, and classroom management in designing instruction that both challenges and supports a broad range of learners. We’ll examine how each of those key elements can be shaped for maximum student growth and how they work together to enhance learning.

A key focus of the workshop will be exploration of teacher lesson plans, analysis of video clips, and introduction to specific instructional strategies to model and extend participant awareness of and comfort with differentiation. The workshop will include whole group and small breakout group work as well as opportunities for individual consultation.

Workshop Facilitator


Carol Ann Tomlinson is an American educator, author and speaker. She is best known for her innovative work with Differentiated instruction education techniques. Carol is author of over 250 books, book chapters, articles, and other educational materials including:
How to Differentiate Instruction in Mixed Ability Classrooms,
The Differentiated Classroom: Responding to the Needs of All Learners,
Fulfilling the Promise of the Differentiated Classroom,
(with Jay McTighe) Differentiating Instruction and Understanding by Design,
(with Kay Brimijoin and Lane Narvaez) The Differentiated School,
(with Marcia Imbeau) Leading and Managing a Differentiated Classroom,
(with David Sousa) Differentiation and the Brain: How Neuroscience Supports the Learner-Friendly Classroom, and
(with Tonya Moon) Assessment in a Differentiated Classroom: A Guide to Learner Success.
Her books on differentiation are available in 13 languages.

In 2013 Carol was #20 on in the Education Week Edu-Scholar Public Presence Rankings of university-based academics who are contributing most substantially to public debates about schools and schooling. In that same list, she was ranked in the top five most influential voices in Psychology. Carol works throughout the United States and internationally with educators who seek to create classrooms that are more effective with academically diverse student populations.

Goals of the Workshop
After the completion of this workshop participants should be able to:
Develop a framework for thinking about quality differentiation
Increase understanding of quality classroom practice in regard to learning environment, curriculum, formative assessment, instruction, and classroom management
Increase competence and confidence in planning for differentiation, and
Be ready to use several instructional strategies to address learner variance in their classrooms.
Day 1
A rationale for differentiation
Defining Differentiation
Creating a Classroom Environment that Invites and Supports Learning
Quality Curriculum in a Differentiated Classroom
Day 2
Use of Formative Assessment to Guide Instruction
Instructional Strategies that Support Differentiation
Managing a Differentiated Classroom
Moving Ahead in your Classroom
Implementable Skills
After the completion of this workshop participants should be able to apply the following to their classrooms:
Developing Know/Understand/Do objectives that increase teacher and learner clarity about learning outcomes
Creating pre- or formative-assessments that align with learning goals
Planning instruction based on formative assessment information
Using specific instructional strategies to address student readiness, interest, and/or learning profile.

This workshop was held in Chiangmai , Thailand in September 2014. The response of the participants to the question: “What are the theory/skills acquired from this workshop that you can use immediately?” is documented here:

Implementable skills – Creating and Leading a Differentiated Classroom


Course Fee
Early Bird (Register by February 28, 2015)
Course fee: USD 652/Baht 21,500 per participant

Regular (Register by April 24, 2015 )
Course fee: USD 710/Baht 23,430 per participant

Contact Information
Workshop Coordinator: Mr. Navin Pawa
E-mail: ksithailand@gmail.com
Phone (Thailand): 081 701 6843; 081 846 5770
(replace ‘0’ with ’66’ for international calls)


Professional Development Programmes for teachers working in International Schools, London, July 2015

Professional Development Programmes for teachers working in International Schools, London, July 2015
Venue: Regus Conference Centre, 33 Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0PW
Dates: 6th – 10th July 2015
Times for all courses (9:30 – 4:00 p.m.)

I have pleasure in attaching details of the ninth annual programme of CPD that Andy Phillips Associates are offering in London (Regus Conference Centre, 33 Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0PW) during July 2015 for teachers & leaders in International Schools.

As a previous participant at an APA training course, i would like to offer you / your school a 15% discount on any course fees for any applications and payments received before the 31st March 2015.

As well as the ever very popular courses on ‘leadership development’ and ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’, there will also be two courses, specifically developed to support the leadership / delivery of the 2014 national curriculum, as well as two-day course for teachers who wish to take learning in their classrooms to the next level using the techniques and strategies applied by TED and TEDx presenters which attract the attentions of millions worldwide. In addition, I am delighted that former headteacher and researcher Phil Cross will be delivering a course on ‘getting inside data’ as well as another course on the use and effectiveness of pupil voice.

I would be most grateful if you could distribute these amongst your colleagues. As we limit the number of participants on each of our courses, all places will be confirmed on a ‘first received’ basis.

In addition to offering the above range of courses, APA tutors are regularly asked by International Schools to run school-based training programmes (often bespoke versions / composites of the attached programmes) and schools are advised to contact me at: andy@apa-ec.co.uk as soon as is convenient.
Yours faithfully
Andy Phillips
Andy Phillips Associates

Professional Development Programmes for teachers working in International Schools, London, July 2015
Venue: Regus Conference Centre, 33 Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0PW
Dates: 6th – 10th July 2015
Times for all courses (9:30 – 4:00 p.m.)

Monday 6th July 2015
Leading the implementation of the 2014 National Curriculum

Monday 6th & Tuesday 7th July 2015
Developing Strategic Leadership for Middle & Senior Leaders

Monday 6th, Tuesday 7th & Wednesday 8th July 2015
Foundation Stage Curriculum: from Policy to Practice

Tuesday 7th & Wednesday 8th July 2015
Implementing and ‘teaching’ the 2014 National Curriculum

Wednesday 9th July 2015
How effective Performance Management is used to improve teaching and learning

Thursday 10th & Friday 11th July 2015
Teach like TED – using the skills and expertise of TED and presenters as well as tried and tested lessons to take pupils’ learning to the next level

London July 2015 flier

Outstanding Learning and Teaching – Keynote Speech by Alistair Smith, Monday 26th January 2015, Bangkok Prep

Alistair Smith - Flyer

Alistair Smith – Flyerto download

Dragonfly CPD: Shanghai (January and May 2015) – Teaching and Learning, Leadership and Management



January 26th – The ‘Must Do’ Course For Creating Effective Flipped Lessons
January 27th – A Master Class in Independent Learning
January 28th – Raising Attainment of Low Achievers
January 29th – The Practical Guide to Creating a Cutting-Edge Pastoral System
January 30th – Outstanding Science Teaching: Raising the Bar


May 18th – 21st Century Schooling – The Challenge for School Leaders
May 19th – Getting to The Heart of The Matter: Pastoral Leadership
May 20th – How to Be An Effective Subject Leader
May 21st – Assessment, Marking and Feedback: A Whole School Approach
May 22nd – The Evidence Based Classroom
May 23rd – Monitoring Standards of Teaching & Learning

FLIER (for further details):


Dragonfly CPD – Bangkok, (January – May 2015) – SEN, IPads. Learning, Teaching and Leadership



January 26th – Inclusive Learning in the Primary School
January 27th – Developing the Thinking Child in Primary Education
January 28th – Learning Differences: Meeting the Needs of SEN Learners
January 29th – From Policy to Practice: A Whole School Approach to SEN
January 30th – iPads: Practical Strategies for SEN Pupils and Teachers


February 23rd – New to iPads: A Beginner’s Course
February 24th – Make Your Primary Classroom an iPad Classroom
February 25th – Make Your English Classroom an iPad Classroom
February 26th – Make Your Maths Classroom an iPad Classroom
February 27th – Make Your PE Classroom an iPad Classroom


May 25th – Effective Marking and Feedback
May 26th – The Evidence-Based Classroom
May 27th – 20 Outstanding Teaching Techniques
May 28th – Embedding Literacy and Numeracy Rich Teaching Ideas
May 29th – 30th – Aspiring/Recently Appointed Subject Leaders (Two Day Course)

FLIER (for further details):


Learning and Teaching Expo, 13th-15th December, Hong Kong

Learning and Teaching Expo


We would like to introduce you to Learning & Teaching Expo.

We have been provided your contact information by The International School Consultancy Group. We would like to introduce the Expo to you and invite you and your colleagues to come to Hong Kong and visit the Expo. The event takes place from Thursday 11 to Saturday 13 December 2014, at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.

If you are interested in sourcing the latest technology and resources for schools then Learning & Teaching Expo is the event to attend. As the leading annual education expo in Asia, Learning & Teaching Expo features 200+ exhibitors plus a programme of free educational seminars and presentations for school leaders and teachers.

In addition the 7th annual 21st Century Learning Conference (staged alongside Learning & Teaching Expo) provides a world class line up of presenters debating how to most effectively use technology in education.

Please kindly note that we are going to send you some expo information from time to time, in order to inform you of the latest developments at the Expo. If you would like to register or know more about the Expo then please visit the website: http://www.ltexpo.com.hk or contact Mr. Roney Chan at roney@ltexpo.com.hk or on +852 3105 1675.