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Weekly Review 7th June

A huge thank you to all the parents and adults who helped organise and run ‘Movie Night’ – such a fantastic experience for the children.

We have now started our new topic, Bright Sparks. This unit is based around electrical circuits, however we will also be studying texts linked to our Residential visit next week. A letter with details relating to the trip will be sent via the Parent Portal.

In Literacy, we have read texts all about Ayutthaya, as well as consolidating spellings and points of grammar. These texts will not only help us write our own information about Ayutthaya, but should also enhance the children’s visit to this historic city.

In Numeracy, we interpreted bar and line graphs. Over the next week, we will be constructing our own using both spreadsheets and less technological methods.

In Science we examined a range of electrical components having studied how to be safe. This will lead to investigations with conductors and insulators, before building a circuit for a ‘shaky hand tester’. During Art, we asked and researched questions regarding constructing a shaky hand tester for a Year 2 audience. Our Topic learning was based around using Google maps to locate and research the attractions we will visit next week.

Have a great weekend!

     The Year 4 Team


Thursday 13th June to 14th June – Residential visit. Children to wear PE kits and leave overnight bags outside the PE Hall on the morning of the 13th. We expect to return around 3pm on Friday 14th.

Weekly Review 31st May

Friday 31st May 2019

Welcome back and we hope that you had an enjoyable few days over half term. Please allow me to offer huge congratulations to all of our Speech Day prize winners, it was wonderful to be able to celebrate these successes with parents as well as the students.

Back in the classrooms, we have now completed our learning on Ancient Egypt and are about to immerse ourselves in our new topic… Bright Sparks.

In Literacy, we completed our newspaper reports surrounding the death of King Tutankhamun.

In Numeracy, we have completed our unit on translations and coordinates. We begin our learning on Statistics next week.

In Science we will consider electrical safety before examining a range of electrical components. During Art, we completed Egyptian themed designs incorporating our printing skills.

Have a great weekend!

     The Year 4 Team


Monday 3rd June – School Closed to celebrate HM Queen’s Birthday.

Tuesday 4th June to Friday 7th June – Book Fair (Books @53) outside PE Hall all week. A great opportunity to stock up on books to read over the holidays!

Tuesday 4th June – 4LS class Assembly. Parents of children in 4LS are warmly invited to attend the Memorial Hall for 7.50am.

Wednesday 5th June – World Environment Day. Children are invited to wear House tops and PE shorts.

Thursday 6th June – Year 3 to 5 Movie Night (Optional. 3.45pm to 6.30pm. Tickets cost 200 Baht through your child’s class teacher)

Please remember all details concerning the Residential visit on the 13th to 14th June can be found on our Firefly page via your child’s secure login. Could we kindly request that any remaining invoice payments be made to our accounts department.

Weekly Review – 29th March 2019

The four week journey the children have been on: learning their lines, dance moves and acting; culminated on Thursday in a spectacular performance of Dragon Days. The children who have continued to study hard have shown great dedication over these past few weeks and we are extremely proud of all of them. We are also incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported our efforts in producing the production and a special thank you should be given to our Parents Reps, who have given up much of their time arranging costumes, measuring students and even making props.

In Literacy, We completed our exclusive interviews with one of the celebrities of Lizard Street, Corky Pigeon. The children used their acting skills to good effect as they completed improvised drama of the interview. After completing this, we wrote up our interviews with enticing introductions ready to be published in Hello magazine. Next week, will see the children write dairy entries from the point of view of Ruskin as he begins to learn even more about the mysterious KrindleKrax.

In Numeracy, the children have completed their learning of money and now have an improved understanding of decimals through this. They have also further developed their reasoning and problem solving skills through their daily activities. Next week, we should finish our recap of operations and might even find some time to learn about shape.

In Science, we began our investigations into the effect of different liquids on egg shells. We are using egg shells as our teeth and the shells are both made from a type of Calcium. We also improved our knowledge of tooth structure creating diagrams of a tooth showing: enamel, gums, nerves and dentin. We look forward to next week when we will see the effect of the liquids on the egg shell.

In Art, We finished the painting of our dragon eyes, adding reflections and shadows. Finally we added layers of PVA glue to create a shiny effect. The completed eyes helped create a very ‘eye-catching’ display for our Dragon Days Production.

Many Thanks have an enjoyable weekend,

The Year 4 Team

Wednesday 3rd April: Songkran Merit making ceremony 7am- Giving donations to the monks

Thursday 4th April: Fun Run (no You-time)

Friday 5th April: Last day of term-Please collect children following afternoon registration at 12:40pm

Tuesday 23rd April: Term 3 Starts-We return on Day 7

Weekly review

Friday 7th December 2018

As the Christmas holidays fast approach there has been no lapse in the effort or enthusiasm from the children at school this week; a highlight of which was our trips to the Sikh Gurdwara. Our warmest thanks go to all of the parents that gave up their time to show us around.

Our focused work still continues however classes are having slightly more flexible timetables as we complete some large projects and pieces of work ahead of the end of term. It has been really enjoyable to allow children extended time on projects and to see them able to really focus for extended periods to achieve a really high level of outcome.  In Literacy, we are adding final flourishes to our leaflets and those that have been completed and published are on their way to Miss Brown.  In Numeracy, we are continuing our work on time looking at how we can apply our knowledge to word problems.  We will consolidate this term’s work with some Christmas themed Maths problems next week.

In Humanities, we are now finalising scripting, filming and editing our weather reports using the iPads and green screen technology. We can’t wait to see the finished products. In Art, the batiks are nearly complete and look fantastic, we are feeling incredibly proud of our work. Now that we have applied the hot wax and paint we will iron them to finish and add some final detail before displaying them in the Year 4 corridor.  In Computing we are finishing our work with Scratch; coding Rangoli patterns. As Scientists we have created an algorithmic version of a classification key which we are now inserting hyperlinks into before sharing them with the Year 3 children.

Wishing you all a very happy weekend ahead of the final week of term.

Many Thanks,

     The Year 4 Team


  1. All week – Charity Christmas cards on sale
  2. Tuesday 11th07:30 New Parents coffee morning – Chatrium

                           14:45 – Christmas concert rehearsal – Memorial Hall

  1. Wednesday 12thChristmas concerts: 1:00 and 3:00 – Memorial Hall
  2. Thursday 13th – class parties
  3. Friday 14th – 12:50 – Term Ends

Weekly review

Friday 30th November 2018

It has been another full week in Year 4 with special note of the wonderful fun that everyone had participating in our inter-house football competition.

In Literacy, our work on creating a persuasive leaflet has been completed and we are now finalising publishing them so that they can be presented to Miss Brown for her consideration.  We hope that we have managed to help her to make some environmentally friendly and fun choices for her holiday.  Moving forward we will be using our previously learnt persuasive writing skills and applying them to a formal persuasive letter. As our ongoing desire to help the children to become conscientious global citizens we will be linking our writing to the global goals to see how we as a community can support ensuring that we look after our local environment.

In Numeracy, we are continuing our work on time. We are looking at reading the time to the nearest minute on both digital and analogue clocks as well as developing our understanding of the difference between 12 and 24 hour times and how we can convert between them. Again, any discussions that you are able to have at home where you are asking the children to tell the time or work out the difference between two times will greatly support in reinforcing our learning at school.

In Humanities, we are becoming meteorologists! Combining our geographical and ICT skills we are researching weather patterns and using this information to write a weather report. This will then be filmed using green screen technology so that we can be real life weather men and women. Next week all classes will visit the Sikh Gurdwara, Gurdwara Siri Guru Singh Sabha as part of our work on religious buildings which we undertake in Year 4. In Art, the tricky work begins as we apply hot wax to our final designs ready to then be dyed and painted.  Again, as the children are working with hot wax and fabric dyes please can you ensure that they have an art shirt or apron in school.  Computing continues our work using scratch. As Scientists our Google Slides are progressing nicely as we create an algorithmic version of a classification key to share with the Year 3 children once completed.

As the end of term rapidly approaches we are noticing that the children are tired after a long and busy term.  We hope that you all manage to have a very restful and happy weekend.

Many Thanks,

     The Year 4 Team


  1. All week – Charity Christmas cards on sale
  2. Monday 3rd4MD and 4LP trip to Gurdwara
  3. Tuesday 4th 4CL trip to Gurdwara
  4. Wednesday 5thM. the Late King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s Birthday: School Closed
  5. Thursday 6th – 4AW and 4LS trip to Gurdwara

          – Farmers Market (Morris Forum) 14:00 onwards

Weekly review 23rd November

Friday 23rd November 2018

Year 4 would like to take this opportunity to wish all families a very Happy Loy Krathong. We had such a lovely day on Thursday seeing all of the children in their spectacular outfits and making Loy Krathongs for the children to take home and float.

In Literacy, we continue with persuasion, learning skills of applying emotive language, modifying statements and the power of 3. Next week we will be pulling all of our hard work together and writing our leaflets to present to Miss Brown.

In Numeracy, we have begun our unit on time which we will work on until Christmas. Time is a notoriously difficult unit for children so any extra conversations you can have at home asking your child to tell the time, or how many minutes it is until the next hour or half hour will assist. At the moment we are focusing on units of time (seconds, minutes, hours, days etc) and the relationships between them so that we can confidently convert between seconds, minutes and hours.

In Humanities, our map work continues by creating climate maps of India. In Art, we have created our final designs for our batiks ready to colour match and then begin our work on the final product.  Again, as the children are working with hot wax and fabric dyes please can you ensure that they have an art shirt or apron in school.  Computing continues our work using scratch. As Scientists we are now building on our skills using keys to classify and we are going to begin to create our own key to classify animals which are indigenous to India using google slides.

Many Thanks,

     The Year 4 Team


  1. Monday 26thBook Fair begins
  2. Thursday 29th Inter house football children to wear house shirts and have football boots and shin pads or signed parent disclaimer letter
  3. Friday 30th  – World Aids Day – own clothes day, suggested 100 baht donation

Weekly review

Friday 16th November 2018

It has been another wonderfully busy and very colourful week in Year 4 this week.  We started ‘Anti-bullying’ week with an odd socks day, a fun way to remind us about kindness, respect and how to be a good friend.  The colour continued with our wonderful Indian Day which parents from the school kindly planned, organised and delivered.  Children had the opportunity to learn a Bollywood Dance Routine, design and draw henna tattoos and learn about the customs and traditions observed in a Sikh Gurdwara.    On Wednesday the children wore their wonderful outfits again for the school celebrations of Diwali.  It certainly has been a busy week for all; thank you to you for your support in providing outfits for these events.

In Literacy, we have begun our unit of work on persuasive writing.  We have looked at examples of persuasive texts and are beginning to build our persuasive writing skills.  This work will be continuing next week as we build our skills towards creating a persuasive leaflet to be given to Miss Brown to persuade her to holiday in India.

In Numeracy, we have been working on area, using the formula of length x width to calculate the space that a shape takes up.  Next week we will be looking at time.  This is often an area of Numeracy that children find difficult so any discussions about telling the time and differences between two times that you can have at home will support with this.  Also, encouraging your children to use both digital and analogue clocks for this.

In Humanities, we have combined our computing skills with geography skills as we have begun to use Google My Maps to create our own personalised maps. Imagining that we are tourists visiting Mumbai, we are planning a day in the city and creating a map to plot our route.  In Art we have done our first work with the hot wax needed for Batik and we have discovered how difficult it is to control and draw with effectively! As a result, we have spent time evaluating and adpting our designs to ensure that the final batik work is clear and effective.  Again, as the children are working with hot wax and fabric dyes please can you ensure that they have an art shirt or apron in school.  Computing continues our work using scratch. As Scientists we have used keys to sort and classify organisms, a difficult scientific skill as it involves clearly identifying differences between organisms.

Many Thanks,

     The Year 4 Team


  1. Wednesday 21st – Friday 23rd

– ABRSM music exams

  1. Thursday 22nd  – Loy Krathong celebrations – children to wear traditional Thai dress

Weekly review 9th November

Friday 9th November 2018

It’s been a week of poetry in Year 4 this week.  The children have been working in houses to write and perform poetry which culminated today in a ‘Poetry Slam’ performance and competition.  Congratulations to all finalists who all wrote and performed fantastically but special mention to the runners up Schweitzer and the winning house Suu Kyi.  Today, as a whole school, we marked an act of remembrance ahead of Remembrance Day on 11th November.  Please look at the blog for further information and pictures.

In Literacy, the focus, as mentioned, has been to work collaboratively to use all of the poetry skills that we have learnt to write a poem in groups.  We also thought about what makes a good performance and have been practicing speaking clearly and engaging our audience.  Next week we will begin our new unit on persuasive writing so be warned that the children might be trying to persuade you to do all sorts of things!

In Numeracy, our work has focused on division and using the short, or ‘bus stop’ method to divide.  Throughout we have been using our known times table facts to support us.  It is a Year 4 expectation that your children will be fluent with recall of their times tables so please continue to support them with this. Next week we will be focusing our learning on area of shapes.

In Humanities, our work on our topic of India continues and we continue to develop our ma skills as we plot routes around cities in India.  In  Art we are now beginning to take the inspiration that we have been researching and are starting to design our own batik patterns.  Again, can all children please ensure that they have an Art apron or old T-shirt with them as we will be working with wax and inks.  In Computing we are coding using a programme called Scratch where we will learn to draw shapes that will eventually form Rangoli patterns. Our work in Science has continued with grouping, sorting and classifying different organisms.  Please continue to refer to the Year 4 Firefly page has links to Geography, Art, Spelling and Home Learning resources, all of which are available using the children’s login.

Next week is a particularly busy one so please note below the upcoming notices.

Many Thanks,

     The Year 4 Team


  1. Monday 12th     – Anti-Bullying week commences

        – Children to wear odd socks to school (100 baht voluntary                     donation)

        – Loy Krathong outfits for sale (all week)

  1. Tuesday 13th  – Year 4 India Day – children can come in their Diwali outfits for this day as     (Please let your class teacher know if you do not want your child to use henna on their skin)
  2. Wednesday 14th – Diwali celebrations – children to come to school in Diwali outfits/traditional Indian attire

         – Celebration assembly (no house shirts)

Weekly review 2nd November

Friday 2nd November 2018

We have had such a wonderful, musical week this week.  Ex Cathedra, a leading choir and award-winning educational singing programme have been at the school this week and we have all been lucky enough to have singing sessions with them, culminating in a sensational concert on Friday afternoon.  For any of you who attended the Last Night of the Proms, we hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we did.

In Literacy, we have continued our work on Poetry learning skills of writing simile, metaphor, alliteration and onomatopoeia which we will be using at the beginning of next week to write our own poems about an imagined visit to India.

In Numeracy, we have focused on formal methods for multiplication, more specifically short column method.  Children are now becoming confident at using this method to multiply 3 digit numbers using known multiplication facts.  Next week we will be moving on to division where, again, having secure and fluent knowledge of times tables will help the children.

In Humanities, we have begun our new topic of India and have been continuing to develop our map work skills by identifying locations and areas on a map of India.  We will be moving on to look at different climatic areas as well as key physical features of India’s geography.  In  Art we have begun our batik project by researching Indian art and creating pic collages of images which we will use as inspiration for our batik designs.  Again, can all children please ensure that they have an Art apron or old T-shirt with them as we will be working with wax and inks.  In Computing we are coding using a programme called Scratch where we will learn to draw shapes that will eventually form Rangoli patterns. Our work in Science is now moving on to grouping, sorting and classifying different organisms.  Please continue to refer to the Year 4 Firefly page has links to Geography, Art, Spelling and Home Learning resources, all of which are available using the children’s login.

Many Thanks,

     The Year 4 Team


  1. Monday 5th –      block 2 of You-Time commences.
  • Divali costumes available for purchase
  • Deadline for entries to the Christmas Card competition
  1. Wednesday 7th Prep music recital – Recital Hall 15:00
  2. Friday 9th – 11:00 – Whole school Remembrance service



Weekly Review 26th October

Friday 26th October 2018

It has been so lovely to welcome the children back to school after, what we hope was, a restful and happy half term break.

In Literacy, we have begun our new topic; Poetry.  We are using a lovely poem called The Magic Box to base our learning on.  This week was all about the enjoyment of poetry with teachers taking the children outside to share their favourite poems and children have then been performing poems in class.

In Numeracy, we have been developing our mental strategies for our calculations.  When we can see patterns in numbers we can solve our calculations much more quickly and easily so we have been practicing applying our number bonds, compensating and estimating to improve our ability to solve calculations mentally.  Next week, we will be moving on to multiplication and division so speedy times table recall will be really helpful.

In Humanities, we have been participation in the world’s #largestlesson. This is an initiative introduced as a way to share the United Nations Global Goals; a set of 17 goals that need to be achieved by 2030 to ensure sustainable development of our planet.  The children were incredibly reflective about what contributions they can make in their daily lives to help to work towards achieving these goals.  Art and Computing will continue next week where our learning will, again, be linking in to our new topic of India.  Can all children please ensure that they have an Art apron or old T-shirt with them as we will be working with wax and inks. In Science, we have been looking at the different stages of the water cycle and what happens to a droplet of water as it evaporates, condenses and then forms precipitation.  Please note that the Year 4 Firefly page has now been updated with Geography, Art, Spelling and Home Learning resources all available using the children’s login.

Many Thanks,

     The Year 4 Team


  1. Saturday 27th Shrewsbury Aquathon
  2. Monday 29th onwards – Ex Cathedra week – children will be participating in extra musical activities this week.
  3. Wednesday 31st Year 3 and 4 Nanny workshop – further details available via the Parent Portal
  4. Thursday 1st November – no You-Time, supervision or excellence programme due to the Last Night of the Proms
  5. Monday 5th block 2 of You-Time commences.