Looking for a Family Fun Friday night? Why not sit with your kids and play this game together called ‘Eyes of a Reader’. Let’s see how familiar you are with the teachers and other staff of SHR.


(Friday, May 22nd 2020)

Play Kahoot : EYES OF A READER <<

Carefully look at the eyes of these readers with their favourite books and see if you can read between the lines to figure out which members of SHR staff they are!


English Storytime

The Bear With Sticky Paws by Clara Vulliamy

Friday. May 22nd 2020. English Storytime. Mrs. Rous is reading ‘The Bear with Sticky Paws’ by Clara Vulliamy.

Thai Storytime

Friday, May 22nd 2020. Thai Storytime, Miss Gigi is reading ‘สมบัติล้ำค่าของปู่โฮ่ง’ by Seunghyun Yang (ซึงฮยุน ยัง).

Accessing Storytime Videos:

For Students please visit Firefly to access content.

For Parents of Pre-Prep students please find a link on ILD (Interactive Learning Diary) website to access Storytime videos.