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Year 2 Weekly Review 17.5.19

Year 2 have had a very busy week continuing their learning about ‘Flower Power’.

In Art they have been looking at the work of artists Klimt and O’Keefe and considered carefully their likes or dislikes of the art work and gave thoughtful reasons why. They enjoyed using ‘stippling’ to create a tree painting in a similar design. We love how unique they all are!

In Science the children have began to draw conclusions from their investigations. They were interested to find that seeds can grow in different materials such as: cotton wool and sand, can grow in places where there is not much light and even some different liquids such as food colouring!

In Literacy Year 2 have been looking at the poem called the “Gardener’. They have analysed the poem and found similes and expanded noun phrases. They then wrote similes and noun phrases of their own and started to plan their own poem about a different job.

In Maths the children have been learning about Fractions. They have used a range of concrete and pictorial representations to find halves, quarters and thirds. They have been excellent at comparing fractions and solving problems. They have worked hard to extend their reasoning skills too.

There has been huge excitement in the classrooms as some very hungry caterpillars arrived! The children have adored helping to look after them and are eagerly awaiting them to start to form cocoons.

As we move into the last week of the term we are looking forward to seeing their home learning on Monday. We politely request that they return their library books to the classroom or Library on Monday 20th May.

Many thanks for your continued support, have a lovely weekend.

The Year 2 Team

Weekly review – 17/05/19

Dear Parents,


We have enjoyed another action-packed week at school. Time really does fly when you’re having fun- there are only two weeks left of this half term to go! We are all looking forward to our very own Caine’s fair in 2 weeks and are busy designing and making!

In Literacy, we have been learning about explanation texts. We have been thinking about the features, learnt about cause and effect conjunctions, labelled diagrams and are presently planning to write our very own invention!

In Maths, we have been learning all about division. The children have divided a 2 digit number by a one digit number, including exchanging! The concrete resources have really helped deepen the children’s’ understanding. Some classes have been learning about scaling

In Topic, we have been considering the impact that various inventions have had on our developing world. We had to order different inventions from those, which had the least to the most impact. Some of us completed consequence wheels, considering how the world would be different today if some of the inventions had never happened.

In Computing, we have been learning about algorithms and using this information to create our own, which we will use for our very own arcade games.

In Science, we have been learning about seed dispersal. We have displayed the different ways that seeds are dispersed in a poster. 

In Art, we have continued to learn about how we can create different tones using hatching and cross-hatching. We tried to replicate some of the work of Leonardo de Vinci, who used this method regularly in his work. 


Have a great weekend,

Year 3 Team



Please could the children bring in their blazers by Wednesday 22nd May.

Year 3 arcade, Friday 31st May. Please continue to bring in cardboard boxes and recyclable materials. 

Weekly review – Friday 17th May 2019

While there is still a week left of this half term, we are beginning to look towards the next half term already! Please remember to send in your child’s blazer in preparation for Speech Day, these can be left in the classrooms until they are needed. There will be a rehearsal for the children in 30th May and then the day itself begins at 8am on Friday 31st May in the Memorial Hall. Thank you for sending in your child’s consent forms for the upcoming residential to Ayutthaya. We are very much looking forward to the trip, as are the children!


In Literacy we have started looking at newspapers and the possible theories behind the death of King Tutankhamun. Children will be designing their own front pages for a newspaper based on the theories they have looked at in class. Was it a scorpion, a snake or something more sinister that brought about the end of the Boy King…?


In Maths we have continued our geometry unit, this week we have been looking at parallel and perpendicular lines and the properties of different quadrilaterals. Ask your child to spot any they can around the house!


In Science the children have been moving on from food chains and looking at food webs. They have looked at how different species are interdependent, and how habitats can be changed when there is a threat to any single part of the food web.


In Art we have been continuing to look at printing techniques, using string on printing plates and forming it into Egyptian themed designs.


We have been examining Egyptian gods and creating our very own set of top trump cards. Children looked at what the different Gods were said to be in charge of, and compared different aspects, such as their popularity and their importance to Ancient Egyptian society.

Dates for your diary:

Tuesday 21st May – Egyptian Day (no need to dress up)

Friday 24th May – Last day of term 3a. School finishes at the usual time and You-Time! run as normal.

Thursday 30th May – Term 3b commences (Day 4)

Friday 31st May – Speech Day

Wednesday 5th June – World Environment Day

Many thanks, and have an enjoyable weekend,

The Year 4 team


Weekly Review 20/05/19

The excitement is building in Year 1 as we are getting closer to our show date! We have been practising hard and are so looking forward to performing to you next week. Just a reminder that the the Year One show will start at 8am in the Memorial Hall on Thursday 23rd May. We hope you can make it and we can’t wait to entertain you! Please could we ask for your support in ensuring your child arrives at school by 7.30am each day next week, so that the children can get ready for their performances in plenty of time. 
In Literacy we have been writing our letters to Percy the Park Keeper, trying to include all the features we’ve learned about. We also then edited our letters to see if we could improve them. 
In Maths, we have been focusing on subtraction. We have been using a range of strategies and equipment to help us such as tens frames, part whole models, number lines and Base 10 blocks. 
In Science, we have been learning to name and label the different parts of flowers and trees. Next week we will be doing some actual planting of seeds and recording our plant’s growth, which we are very excited about. 
In Art, the children have been revisiting their sunflower drawings and continuing to improve and add detail to them. 
We hope you have a restful and relaxing weekend, ahead of Year One’s Bee Musical extravaganza next week! 
The Year 1 Team  ​

3JS/1LJ Collaboration

This week 3JS visited 1LJ to share their persuasive writing about a South American country. 1LJ enjoyed the visit and voted for their favourite country. The eventual winner was Brazil.

4CL showcase their talents!

4CL took to the stage to showcase their learning so far! They sang, danced, acted and spoke beautifully about their learning in class. Thank you to the parents of 4CL for coming to watch and for helping your child learn their lines!

Khun Monz in School

Khun Monz will be in school today (2.30 – 4pm outside the Sports and Activities Office) for all swimmers still requiring a FOBISIA swim suit.

If you ordered a BISAC t shirt you will be able to collect this from him also.

Best Wishes

Aquatics Team 

Shaping our understanding

We have been studying angles, regular and irregular shapes for the past 2 weeks and to finish the topic, we began to look at nets of shapes.  We applied our understanding of the properties of regular and irregular shapes to help us make our own nets for various 3D shapes.




Comparing unit fraction.

2JC are comparing unit fractions with the same whole.

Weekly Review Friday 10th May 2019

Dear Parents,

It’s been another fun and busy week in Year 1! We have been practising our show in the Memorial Hall which has been very exciting! Most of the children know their lines well and we are now working on making sure they can say them loudly and clearly enough for everyone to hear what they are saying. Any help you can give at home would be greatly appreciated!

In Maths the children are learning how to make and record number sentences for number bonds to 20. We have been partitioning numbers using our part, part, whole models and the children are getting quite confident with this.

In Literacy we have been focusing on the book ‘After the Storm’. We have been thinking about ways that Percy can help to fix the park after the big storm came. This week, we planned letters to write to Percy to share our ideas with him. Next week, we will be writing the letters!

In Science we have been learning about the trees we can find around the school grounds. We have been on a tree hunt around the school to identify the trees. Ask the children to tell you the names of some of the trees around Bangkok!

In Art the children have been working on their sunflower drawings. We spent time looking at our drawings from last week and making improvements to make them more realistic. The children are getting better at drawing what they can see, using careful observation skills.  

Next week all of Year 1 will be practising the Year 1 show together in the Memorial Hall! Please practise your children’s lines with them over the weekend so they are ready for our Monday rehearsal.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

The Year 1 Team 

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