Paper Helicopter DIY – STEM for Kids

We do love a paper craft… paper is something that most people easily have to hand and with a snip here and a cut there (or just a fold and fold)… you can quickly and easily make ALL SORTS of fun paper toys and paper decorations. 

Based on nature’s helicopter seeds these really are a marvel. Get the kids making the basic shape.. and then why not experiment and see how you can turn this simple DIY into a proper S.T.E.M. activity. Get the kids to come up with alterations and predict what will happen to their toy… then explore and experiment what really happens and see if you can figure out why! Super simple science for kids!

Paper Helicopter Toy – materials:

  • strips of paper approx. 21cm x 3cm
  • pens or scraps of paper for decorating (optional)
  • paper clip
  • scissors
  • glue (if decorating!!!)

Yep.. that is REALLY it.. you can probably make these without scissors nor paper clips – with some simple tearing…. making this a super fun on the go little paper craft!

How to make a Paper Helicopter Toy


How to make a paper helicopter step by step PHOTOS!

Paper helicopter

Step 1 – Cut out your strips of paper.

Step 2 – The image shows you the folds (dashed) and the parts to cut (sold it lines).

Fold roughly into 3 parts. 

Step 3  – Bring the bottom 1/3 of the paper up and make a neat crease. You should now have a piece of paper that is 2/3 of the original size, with one side a double layer.

Step 4 – Cut 0.5cm snips on both sides of the top fold. Fold the double sheets of paper inwards along these snips – making a thicker base.

Step 5 – Cut approx. 5cm down the centre of the remaining top 1/3 of the original paper strip.

paper helicopter steam activity

Step 6 – Fold down the created flaps into opposite directions to make the helicopter blades.

DIY Paper Helicopter - easy to make and watch them spin and fly. Then experiment and see how changes effect your paper toy.

Step 7 – Decorate if you wish and add a paper clip for additional weight to the helicopter.

Experiment what happens with no paper clip, one paper clip and two paper clips… does your helicopter spinner better or faster?

I do hope you enjoyed the Paper Helicopter video. As mentioned previously.. do watch it RIGHT TO THE END to see the Helicopters fly, but also to hear about the extension ideas and how to turn this fun little Paper craft into a proper S.T.E.A.M. activity and really get the kids THINKING and EXPLORING!


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