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On weekends, after school, or during holidays, you can still access many of the library’s resources. Please use the guide below to find the resources you need! Email Ms Beeman at if you have questions or need help accessing the materials.

Library Catalog

Catalog: Use the catalog to browse for books and electronic resources. You can browse as a guest or login to save books of lists and electronic resources. Email Ms Beeman if you need to create an account, or have forgotten your username or password.

E-Books and Audio Books

The library offers access to e-books through Overdrive (for Senior School) and Tumblebooks, as well as audio books through Overdrive and Naxos Spoken Word.

  • Overdrive (e-books and audio books for Y7 and up): If you have forgotten your username or password, or need to create one, please email Ms Beeman. For a brief overview of how to use Overdrive, please read this post.
  • Tumblebooks: Picture books with narration and gentle animation for EY1 through Y2.
  • Naxos Spoken Word: Audio books appropriate for junior and senior students, including many classic books. Username: SHBlibrary; password: SHBlibresource.

Online Encyclopedias and Databases

  • JSTOR: This database is designed for academic research in 6th form. If you do not have a username, or have forgotten yours, please email Ms Beeman.
  • World Book Online: This link gives you access to World Book Kids (Y3 to Y6), World Book Student (Y5/6 to Y8) and World Book Advanced (Y8+). Username – international; password – electricwbo
  • Pebble Go: This is an online encyclopedia about animals designed for emerging readers in Y1 to Y3. Username: SHBlibrary; Password: SHBlibresource.

Magazines and Newspapers Online

To access any of these resources, the username is and the password is SHBlibresource. If you have any trouble accessing these resources, please email Ms Beeman.

Other  Resources

Please see this page for links to all of the library’s online resources for junior students, senior students, teachers, and parents. Please email the librarian, Ms Beeman at with any questions or concerns.

There are roughly 80 new books available in the library each month.         Here are some interesting new titles for January.



They are out on display in Junior and Senior Library. Please check them out!

Dick King-Smith is our Author of the Month for January. Here is some information about him…


Quick Fact

Place and date of birth: Bitten, Gloucestershire; 27 March 1922

Star sign: Aries

Eye colour: Bottom of the duck pond

Hair colour: Grey-white or white-grey

Pets: 8 chickens (named after a famous family of writers called the Brontës)

Hobbies: Washing up, walking, sitting in the garden, reading

Favourite food: Bacon and eggs, fish pie with eggy sauce

Favourite book:Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope

Favourite song:‘Spread a little happiness’ by Sonnie Hale

Favourite film :Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Bad habits: Snoring

Personal motto: ‘Count your blessing!’

Awards:1991 British Book Awards’ Children’s Author of the Year

                1984 Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize for the Sheep-Pig


Dick King-Smith is one of the most popular authors writing for children today. He is best loved for his charming and funny stories about animals such the Hodgeheg and Sophie’s Snail. Most famous of all is the Sheep-Pig, which was turned in to the Hollywood hit movie Babe. In 2009 he was made OBE for services to children’s literature. Dick King Smith died in 2011 at the age of eighty-eight. Dick King-Smith’s books will be on display in the Junior Library for the whole month. Please check them out and tell us what you think of his books in the comment section.

Selected Books

Selected books-Dick King-Smith copy

Looking for a new book or a few new books to read over the holidays, but don’t want to fill your luggage with heavy books?

Check out Overdrive, our e-book library! Overdrive gives you access to hundreds of e-books and audio books for free. You can access these books either through our Overdrive website ( or the Overdrive app (more information about the app is available here:

All students from Y7 through Y13, as well as faculty and staff, have access to our collection. If you need your username or password, please email Ms Beeman or stop by the library and ask any of the library staff.

The library will be open twice over the term break:

8:30am to 11:30am on Wednesday, 18th December

8:30am to 11:30am on Thursday, 26th December

Stop by to check out a new book, relax for a bit in the rabbit hole, or just  say hello! We would love to see you.

Happy Holidays!

This week, the library held a pizza party to thank the junior and senior library monitors for all of their hard work during Term 1. The library monitors gave up their free time over break and lunch during Term 1 to shelve books, work on special library projects, help their fellow students find books, and generally keep the library humming. We celebrated with pizza, cake, prizes, and a rousing game of musical chairs.

The library was decorated especially for the party:


The library monitors all received certificates of achievement for their contributions to the library this term:


We even had a game of musical chairs:


Special thanks to all of the library assistants, who worked so hard to plan the party! And thank you, too, to all of our library monitors. We are looking forward to another great term when we get back from break!

Philip Ardagh is our Author of the Month for December. Here is some information about him…Philip standing

Quick Fact

Place and date of birth: 11 September 1961, London

Occupation: Writer, radio personality

Nationality: British

Notable work: Eddie Dickens series

Award: Roald  Dahl Funny Prize 2009

Favourite books: Comet In Moominland by  Tove Jansson

Favourite subject at school: English

Favourite color: Orange

Favourite smell: Paper of a brand new book

Favourite word:  Aubergine(a vegetable also known an eggplant)


PhilipPhilip Ardagh is an English children’s author, famous for the Eddie Dickens series. He has written more than 100 books including adult fiction and children’s non-fiction. He won the Roald Dahl Funny Prize 2009 for his first Grubtown Tale, Stinking Rich and Just Plan Stinky. He is also a BBC Radio scriptwriter and presenter. You can visit him at

Philip’s books will be on display in the Junior Library for the whole month. Please check them out and tell us what you think of his books in the comment section.

 Selected Books

Eddie Dickens Trilogy


The Further Adventures of Eddie Dickens


Unlikely Exploits





You may have noticed a new face in the library over the past few weeks. Miss Mew is our newest library assistant. Please say hello when you see her in the library!


Birthplace:  Lopburi, Thailand.

Favorite genres of books:  Fantasy, science fiction, mystery, some children’s books, and a little bit of romance.

Last book she read:  Stardust: Believe in Magic by Linda Chapman.

Other interests:  Gardening, reading, listening to music, and watching anything funny on YouTube.

Favorite thing about the Shrewsbury library:  It’s a magical place for the imagination. I am very happy to help you find a book you’ll enjoy reading!


We have 65 different magazines in the library , because these are a really important way to support students’ learning and other interests.  Here are some of the highlights from the magazines in November 2013.

PSY dec 13 2


The power of NO!

How setting limits sets you free.

Psychology today. December 2013 p.53


An imaginative performanceBBC MUC dec 13

Are musicians at their most creative without instruments?

BBC Music. December 2013 p.22




Using statistics and graphs

Statistics and graphs are not just for mathematicians. Geographers use data a lot, so expect questions based on data to appear in examinations.

WIDEWORLD. November 2013 p.1

There’s no business like…img049

While the life of an actor may involve some use of make believe. When it comes to building a stable career, actors need to have a strong sense of reality. Letty Barber reveals the ins and outs of day-to-day life in the performance industry.

Teaching Drama. Issue 50 p.17

PHY REV vol23 no2 nov 13


How do microphones work?

How do microphones differ? How do they pick up sound from difference dirictions? Jez Wells provides a physicist’s guide to microphones technologies and techniques.

Physics review. November 2013 p.12


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