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The library team is pleased to be able to offer a summer program for checking out library books. The Summer Click and Collect Programme is similar to our June re-opening of school process. If you are unfamiliar with the current online selection process, please watch the video below.

The online catalogue can be accessed at Please be sure to check the availability of your selections.

Finally, please complete the request form by noon on Tuesdays each week for collection on Wednesday. (The form will close at noon, and reopen Friday morning for the next week’s selections.) Further information is in the video.

Thank you for your support,

SHR Library

Summer Click and Collect Video Tutorial

Please watch the full video tutorial it contains instructions for this program.

Summer Click and Collect Google Form

>> Summer Click and Collect Form <<

Please complete the form by noon (12:00) on Tuesday. This will allow the library staff time to assemble your book request. The form will be reset on Fridays to allow you to choose books over the weekend for the following Wednesday collection.


‘Boy Underwater’ by Adam Baron

Cymbeline is confident that he can swim despite never having been near water, after all he’s googled ‘front crawl’ and seriously how hard can it be? But things go disastrously wrong and Cym begins to unravel the mystery about why his father has never taken him swimming. Funny, poignant, heart warming and very realistic.

This book is available on Overdrive 


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