Book Trailer Contest

Have you ever seen a movie trailer? It’s a commercial for a movie encouraging you to see it. A book trailer is very similar: it tells you enough information to convince you to read the book. 

  • You may use ANY book from the Shrewsbury library. 
  • Your contest entry must be a movie in MP4 format, shared via Google Drive to Mrs. Rous ( The name of the creator or creators must be the TITLE of the contest entry file. Please include your class. See Example below. 
  • You may use a green screen, iMovie, MovieMaker, another video creation platform, stop motion animation, any animation platform, etc. You may film it outside of school. It MUST be your work, no video clips from the internet or movies allowed.
  • Book trailers may be made individually or with ONE other student as creators. You may have friends assist with the acting if more people are needed, but no more than two people can receive credit for the creation of the book trailer.
  • Background music and images may be used, but see #8
  • The book trailer should be between 30 and 90 seconds in length.
  • You should end the trailer with a clear shot of the cover of the book.
  • If  you use someone else’s work (background music, images from the internet, etc.), you will need to have a credits section at the end giving credit to the ORIGINAL creator and the ORIGINAL place of publication. (If you are using the music of the band Queen, for example, you cannot put a website other than the band’s official site as the source of the music. A picture taken by a famous photographer cannot be taken from a friend’s Instagram page. It must come from the photographer’s page.)
  • ALL contest entries due on Monday, 9 March, by the end of You-Time.
  • Book trailers will be shown on screens in the library during Fully Booked Week.


Examples of different styles of book trailers that might inspire you plus example of how to name your book trailer contest entry: